Season 1 - Episode 9: Brotherhood, Part 1

True Justice

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Kane's city is caught in the crossfire of a gang war between the Japanese mafia, the Yakuza, when they attack the dangerous Mexican gang, MS-13, in Seattle and look to flip a profit doing so.

Kane is reminded of his tumultuous past, having to deal with a man who's lost everything; and the Japanese mafia who are invading his jurisdiction and will take down anyone that gets in their way.

The team gets a tip from Kane's CI, Mike, that the Yakuza mafia is raiding an MS-13 drug warehouse. A dicey move against one of the most feared gangs in the nation. It takes a shootout and a short foot chase to bring down a Yakuza member and take another member, Akio, into custody. With info on an underground Japanese gambling house, Radner and Sarah make a visit to the mafia joint. Brothers Ichiro Yamazaki and Kenjiro Yamazaki are not happy with the police presence and a fist fight breaks out. But with Sarah who now knows how to handle herself and Radner who loves a good beating, the two eventually take the brothers downtown.

Meanwhile, there's a hostage situation at a bank on the other side of town. SWAT can't seem to end the standoff peacefully so Commander Shaw calls on Kane to talk to the gunman, disgruntled homeowner Leroy, who, as Mason and Juliet have found out, had his house foreclosed on by the same bank. Kane, knowing Leroy from a few past incidents, understands Leroy's anger: he's a recovering alcoholic, has lost his house, and his wife. With Kane's past, he's able to comfort Leroy about losing his wife and convinces him to put the gun down, to see another day.

As MS-13 attacks the Yakuza for disrupting their drug ring, the Yakuza gang seek revenge...



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