Season 1 - Episode 3: Dark Vengeance, Part 1

Episode 3: Dark Vengeance, Part 1

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Kane puts Sarah and Juliet undercover to lure a murderer out, jeopardising their safety.



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Comments (8)

  • James

    over 2 years ago


    Too many ads

  • phil

    over 2 years ago


    very gooda ction all the way thro

  • neil

    over 2 years ago


    superb show from segal brill in every way

  • Tony

    over 2 years ago


    When this started i didn't think a lot of it but now it seems to be getting a bit better and apart from that the girl that played the stripper (Sarah)is a nice looking young lady

  • Tesla

    almost 3 years ago


    SG can barely be called an actor, don't know if he has some kind of medical condition but he mumbles his way through the show. What is up with his hair, some kind of animal killed and stapled to his head? Doesn't help that SG has an ego the size of the planet either, credit where it's due though for his enviromental work.

  • jmd

    almost 3 years ago


    if hes in a show or film u just know its going to b great

  • scott

    almost 3 years ago



  • elisabeth paternosta

    almost 3 years ago

    elisabeth paternosta

    wot can u say about steven seagal he is a brilliant actor and he is so sxy everything u xpect in a man wow