Cricket Twenty20: England v West Indies

Cricket Twenty20: England v West Indies


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Highlights of England's Twenty20 match against the West Indies from Trent Bridge.

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  • gary

    2 years ago


    do not get pauses like this on bbci player even when you watch it live. give the cricket to the bbc player 5 this is wrong

  • Tony

    2 years ago


    Watched the ads and then got: This video stream is currently unavailable. Please try again later. Error Code: VE_FMS_CONNECT_FAILED What's the point!

  • CB

    2 years ago


    I read the comments while I waited for the ads to finish, and thought, well, the ads are running perfectly, perhaps the cricket will as well. Of course, it was utter cr@p. Shan't bother again. Only did so this time because I forgot to set the recorder. At least with a recording I can skip the ads, & watch whenever, and keep the recording for as long, as I like. Has anyone at 5 ever used iplayer?

  • Cmonst

    2 years ago


    I was using Google Chrome and like many of the comments, quality was poor, so switched to IE and I have to say the improvement was marked. What browsers are you guys with poor quality using? With regard to the freezing issue, I have found that if I pause for more than 5 minutes, I too see this issue, however, if you close the browser and re-open, the playback will at least resume from point last viewed. Yes there are bugs and no it's not great, but at least we are able to watch the cricket, which at the end of the day is the most important thing. Well done Channel 5 for buying the rights - at least I don't have to pay for Sky, which I think is destrying access to our national heritage.

  • Steve Berry

    2 years ago

    Steve Berry

    Took about 90 minutes to watch a 45 minute broadcast due to the regular pauses in transmission. As others have noted, the adverts seemed to work well. Picture quality not good.

  • Richard

    2 years ago


    Wife refuses to allow cricket if she is awake in the house so this is my lifeline, but it isn't working!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pahoehoe

    2 years ago


    what adverts? I don't see any

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  • Ade

    2 years ago


    I can't get it to work at all!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jay

    2 years ago


    poor quality, the highlights need to be given to someone who knows what they are doing.

  • Peter

    2 years ago


    Excellent quality on my PC, thanks 5 :)

  • 400 not out

    2 years ago

    400 not out

    The usual unreliability that I have come to expect from Channel 5. The don't seem to be interested in fixing their technical issues to allow everyone to watch their programmes online on demand, instead all they do is get their moderator to remove tetchy comments complaining about their bad technical skills and show adverts followed by 'freezing' cricket with a bad picture! I wish the commentators and summarizers would read this - not everyone is able to watch the cricket highlights at 7pm (if they are working for instance), so having the chance to catch them later online is very handy. So a message for Mark Nicholas - the next time you are waffling on about the Channel 5 website on the highlights package, why don't you try experiencing it for yourself before extolling its virtues - it's not the great user experience you make out. I really don't think Channel 5 give a hoot about getting this sorted.

  • Jamesisapayne

    2 years ago


    This is incredibly poor quailty. adverts play fine but the cricket stutters and ive seen more pixels on a c64 game. not a good advert for c5


    2 years ago



  • Harry

    2 years ago


    ENGLAND SUKS. Joke loool

  • Stephen

    2 years ago


    So where is it? All I get is adverts for cars - stop advertising and give me some cricket! I do not want to buy things!

  • Bob

    2 years ago


    Any news on when this may be available?

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