Season 1 - Episode 10: Let the Games Begin

Episode 10: Let the Games Begin

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Inside the barn, Norrie, Joe and Angie wake to find a Monarch butterfly caterpillar inside the alien egg. Dodee watches them leave and then enters the barn, but when she touches the mini-dome she is thrown clear, her memory of the egg is wiped and her hand is burned.

Meanwhile, Barbie and Big Jim are trying to decide where Maxine would hide incriminating evidence against them when she interrupts. Dismissing Big Jim, she takes Barbie to the cement factory, where a black market and a bare-knuckle fight are in full swing inside.

The main event is to be between Barbie and Victor Rollings, who has a grudge against him. "We make a damn good team, and as long as this dome is around I could see us making this town our playground," she tells Barbie, after successfully betting that he would throw the fight. But Barbie has no intention of being her play thing any longer.

Big Jim checks out a property owned by Maxine's real estate company on Bird Island and runs into Maxine's mother, who he belatedly recognises as a former classmate. Pointing a rifle at him, she brings him up to date on her chequered history, oozing bitterness at the Chester's Mill townsfolk with every word. "This town, it always has been a magnet for the worst of humanity," she says contemptuously. She also reveals that Maxine has told her every detail of his and Barbie's activities.

Linda is searching for more clues to what was going on at the propane warehouse. Julia finds her in the sheriff's office, where they discover a key to a safety deposit box in Duke's old hat. Inside the bank, Duke has left a letter spelling out the deal with Maxine and who else was involved. Julia finds a life assurance policy inside her husband's safety deposit box. Later, when Barbie makes a full confession about what happened at the cabin, she reveals that she had already guessed. "He needed you to kill him," she says. "In some weird way I think he did all this to protect me."



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