Season 1 - Episode 13: Curtains

Episode 13: Curtains

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Last week ended with Barbie refusing to plead guilty to charges of murder brought by Big Jim Rennie, Julia and Angie hiding out in the hospital basement and Linda following the kids to Ben's house, where the egg is emitting a high-pitched scream. This week the butterfly hatches, but as it takes wing, it leaves black splodges when it touches the mini-dome.

Outside, the large dome turns correspondingly black until Chester's Mill is plunged into total darkness. Wanting answers, Linda tries to take the egg into custody but is thrown back against the wall. As she staggers to her feet, the kids seize the egg and run. They need to hide before Big Jim arrives.

Meanwhile, Barbie is sprung from jail by Julia and Angie and they rendezvous with Joe, Norrie and Junior in the tunnels under the town. As they discuss what to do next, four handprints appear on the mini-dome. It shatters when the teens touch it, releasing the butterfly. As it flutters around Barbie, Joe declares that he must be the monarch. However, the egg starts shaking violently and only stops when Julia picks it up. As the butterfly settles on it, Barbie says: "She's your monarch."

All this is too much for Junior. He thinks that his father should have custody of the egg and refuses to believe that Big Jim is a murderer. He threatens Julia with a gun, but Barbie takes him on to enable the others to get away. As Junior overcomes a still handcuffed Barbie and hauls him back to jail, the others take the egg and make their way into the woods, where they encounter a familiar figure who is supposed to be dead.

Meanwhile, Big Jim has not been idle. Having brainwashed the townsfolk into thinking that Barbie is evil and responsible for the darkness, he has paved the way for his execution...



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