Season 1 - Episode 2: The Fire

Episode 2: The Fire

Sorry, this episode is no longer available to watch on Demand 5.

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Reverend Coggins sets fire to Duke Perkins' house when sent by Big Jim to pick up propane receipts. Tempers start to fray as efforts to put out the fire meet with little success.



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Comments (38)

  • dawdle123

    7 months ago


    i have never seen a worse programme, i hope stephen himself didnt have anything to do with this, as it is as far from the book as it can be. The book was fantastic but this is not. I will not be watching anymore of it!

  • hnoller

    7 months ago


    Like everyone else - just wasted well over an hour managing to watch adverts but crashing out on the program itself. Very frustrating and running out of time to see it too!

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  • J Lymburn

    7 months ago

    J Lymburn

    I have the same problems as a lot of the people commenting on here so why is no one doing anything about it or is it just about ads NO Program !

  • Bruno B59

    7 months ago

    Bruno B59

    Same as everyone else. Ads for microsoft, pc's and very excellent. as for trying to watch program, forget it. waste of time and won't try this chanel again. By the way you can get it on Sky to go so it's to there off I go.

  • MK24

    7 months ago


    Adverts load quickly and are of perfect quality, the sound is amazing and absolutely no buffering at all. If I had came here to watch the adverts than this would be good, sadly I wanted to watch episode two which will not load at all.

  • prettymonkey

    7 months ago


    Just going to repeat a whole bunch of stuff already mentioned above. But hoping sheer volume of complaints might get Channel 5 to do something about its shoddy service. Don't advertise a programme, make me watch the adverts and then not deliver the actual programme. When it does play it keeps freezing, and crashes when the next set of ads run. Very poor.

  • Vivek Bhalla

    7 months ago

    Vivek Bhalla

    I've experienced the same issue in that I can view the ads but not the programme (yet all other forms of streaming services work fine). This is from a WIRED ethernet connection, with no other devices connected (the router is wired only so no chance of devices connecting without my knowledge). I also have a great contention rate and download speed with my broadband supplier (Zen Internet) so ITS DEFINITELY A CHANNEL 5 ISSUE. Must say I find it unusual that five posts defending the service appear concurrently and within a short space of time of one another. 'Amy S' - certainly seems to know a little bit more than one would expect of a regular end user (and yet her rationale does not explain why my ethernet-only broadband service may also encounter the problem). Fact is, Channel 5 may have taken an alternative approach on higher stream bit rates than the likes of BBC or ITV however end user experience (the only definitive measure of Quality of Service) indicates its less effective at providing a USABLE service. Channel 5 ought to look at how typical users are using the service and work from that principle as opposed to expecting us all to be technical experts. BBC and ITV have managed to crack this nut - channel 5 have thus far failed.

  • eq

    7 months ago


    I've wasted hours trying to watch this - now I'm giving up. There are serious performance issues with Demand 5. I hope the advertisers are taking note of all these comments, then perhaps C5 will actually do something about the problems.

  • annoyed

    7 months ago


    Why doesn't this work, i can watch the adverts but not Under the dome, see the adverts 5 times now. Really not good

  • Bennetts

    7 months ago


    what is going on five watched the ads. then WHOA!!! programme wasn't available please sort this rubbish out!!!

  • barbie

    7 months ago


    get this site working for gods sake

  • TRB771

    7 months ago


    absolutely rubbish site, I've seen the comments earlier about having too many items wirelessly connecting etc etc , we only have this laptop and this ON DEMAND doesn't work !!!! change the name and sort it out then maybe you can actually deliver the service advertised !!!!!

  • Vexed veiwer

    7 months ago

    Vexed veiwer

    What utter rubbish Demand 5 is, one moment I can be quite happily watching the first episode, then the next when I try to watch the second episode it does nothing, no matter how many times I refresh the page or reset my internet connection. Channel five, fix this or leave the internet because if you can not do what your sole purpose is, to allow us to catch up with T.V we have missed, then what is the point?

  • Rob

    7 months ago


    Been watching the Walking Dead on Blinkbox, hhave got through 18 episodes without it buffering or freezing once. I have a 20Mbps connection with no other devices running, Youtube 1080HD videos play without a hitch, as does HD Iplayer. came back to give this a second try, will not be bothering again.

  • monie121085

    7 months ago


    Basically doesn't work if you are on talktalk.

  • Danielle

    7 months ago


    Same story as above ... trying to watch this crashed my youview box and did not work in the player above. I'm wondering if the oddly pro-5 OD comments above are plants? I mean, really, there was some passionate defending going on for what is obviously a crappy service that doesn't work properly!

  • Annoyed

    7 months ago


    What is the point of this site nothing ever works, tried to watch Under the dome on my youview box, it crashed it. Tried to watch on my PC and you guessed it, that crashed as well. Always screws up when it gets to the adverts, this site is as bad as channel 4's for doing that. Back to iplayer to find something I can actually watch all the way through.

  • andy

    7 months ago


    Works fine for me as well. People should sort their own connection out , rather than blame this Channel 5 player.

  • henrypope

    7 months ago


    watching it without any problems! good show

  • Amy S

    7 months ago

    Amy S

    Sounds like a lot of people have an overburn on their home network. Too many devices connected wirelessly to their router. Thus causing a massive drain on the bandwidth and reducing their throughput rate hence why the content buffers and freezes. The adverts are preloaded piggy backed with the website thats why they play fine. Get a grip people and sort yourselves out instead of blaming Channel 5. 5OD uses a higher stream bit rate than bbc and itv etc in theory to reduce load time, but does require a lot of bandwidth, bandwidth which is being drained by peoples internal networks ie smart phones, ipads, tablets etc etc. even if you are not using any of them at the time if they are connected wirelessly they are constantly using the bandwidth.

  • michael

    7 months ago


    excellent service with no problems. I missed the first two episodes so now I have caught up and can watch on TV. I am a fan on what I have seen so far.

  • adam

    7 months ago


    Picture very good and runs smoothly. whoever says it's slow or still buffering needs to sort their internet connection out.

  • Dave

    7 months ago


    I've spent more time watching adverts than the episode 2 because of restarts! Is there a problem with your servers? I would watch it on Sky catch-up but you've only got the latest episode available.,

  • cassie13

    7 months ago


    I have signed up and can't get anything to play

  • Lexy72

    7 months ago


    I have no problems with this service what so ever. Im quite surprised so i wont complain.

  • Piker

    7 months ago


    40 mt program takes about 1 hr 30 mts to view. Buffering/streaming is pathetic 5. Get a grip!!

  • charizw

    7 months ago


    ok, this is just as bad as everyone reports. the buffering is awful making this unwatchable Shame How do all the other channels manage but 5 fails?????

  • jjjjjjjjjjj......uuu

    7 months ago


    most garbage streaming/buffering I have experienced since 1999. Fix up!

  • Louize

    7 months ago


    Load of crap! Just buffers, doesn't work. SORT IT OUT.

  • Cal

    7 months ago


    sjow is good, 5od is really facy it's just load fine program buffers like crazy or fails to play.

  • Peter Linfield

    7 months ago

    Peter Linfield

    I find this service very annoying! I can't get the second episode of 'Under the Dome' to play at all. I can get the adverts though. Channel Five should withdraw 'Demand 5' until they have the technology to actually deliver it.

  • Mo

    7 months ago


    Watched the 1st episode fine but in the 2nd one, the background music is so loud I can't hear the dialogue!!! What's that all about??

  • willrodgers

    8 months ago


    why can't i watch under the dome on demand? it says cannot be viewed from your current country, i live in ireland

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  • hexxed

    8 months ago


    You should try to see the original film called the Bubble made in the 60s and re-released inthe 70s, poor film good effects...

  • EdwardHunter

    8 months ago


    Barbie isn't it obvious? THE PSYCHO KID STOLE YOUR DOG TAGS! ;)