Season 1 - Episode 4: Outbreak

Episode 4: Outbreak

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Cut off inside the dome, the townsfolk are angry when the military units outside pack up and leave. Have they been abandoned to their fate? Reverend Coggins does nothing to calm them, preaching, "You weep for mercy when you've lived lives of wickedness and pride. God does not hear you."

A much greater problem soon arises, however, when Linda falls sick as an outbreak of deadly meningitis spreads across the town. The hospital rapidly becomes overcrowded and the doctors are either out of town or dead. Some patients wonder whether it is the dome that is making them ill.

Fortunately, Alice did an internship in medicine and is on hand to take charge, as she and Carolyn have brought Norrie and Joe in for tests after their latest seizures. She diagnoses the infection, ascertains that there are not enough antibiotics to go round, and promptly quarantines the whole hospital. "If anyone who's sick coughs, it spreads. This damn dome, it's like an incubator," she complains.

Rennie's psychotic son Junior is given a shotgun and told to ensure that no one leaves. Julia has grown suspicious of Barbie since finding his map of Chester's Mill with an x marked on it. Following the map to a trailer park, she finds her husband's car parked outside DJ Phil's trailer. He tells her that Peter sold him the car, then collapses. Later, when questioning Barbie, she falls ill herself. Determined to get to the truth, she ignores her headache and follows up a lead from the delirious Phil about a cabin, where she finds evidence that shocks her.

Angie is still going crazy, locked up inside the fallout shelter. She has little hope of escape, having burned her bridges by trying to stab Junior with a pair of scissors after being presented with the dress she wore to junior prom. Desperate, she opens the air vent and screams into it, but while she is climbing up on to the top bunk she breaks a rusty pipe. As the bunker begins filling up with water, she slips and knocks her head on the concrete floor.

Meanwhile, Big Jim and Barbie discover that the pharmacy has been ransacked and stripped of all supplies. Whoever stole them would have needed a large vehicle, Barbie concludes. Jim suggests a hearse, already having plenty of evidence that the Reverend Coggins is unstable. Sure enough, they find the pastor dumping drugs onto a bonfire in his garden. He has decided that it is God's will that the townsfolk should die. Big Jim and Barbie rescue as many of the medical supplies as possible, but will there be enough antibiotics to save everyone who has fallen ill?

While the adults are occupied, Joe and Norrie decide to provoke another "pink stars are falling" seizure and record it, with very spooky results.



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