Season 1 - Episode 5: Blue on Blue

Episode 5: Blue on Blue

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Big Jim Rennie has more than a few problems on his mind, as the townsfolk flock to the meeting point to be reunited with their loved ones. He is not sure what to do about Angie, after discovering her chained up by his son Junior in their fallout shelter, while his former partner-in-crime Reverend Coggins is threatening to blow their drugs operation wide open.

"I'm not scared of you anymore, Jim Rennie," says the crazy pastor, who believes that God is talking to him and that they must all repent to be saved. "You may have fooled these people into thinking you're some kind of leader, but nobody's going to follow you anywhere ever when they hear just exactly who you are." He gives Rennie one day to confess his sins before the whole town, or he will do it for him.

Amid the bittersweet reunions, Linda steels herself to tell fiancé Rusty that his brother is dead. Julia is disappointed not to see husband Peter, but his sister Mary shows her a letter from him. "He didn't even have the balls to send his own Dear John letter," she says with contempt.

Norrie is surprised to see a man named Michael, who claims to be her father. After realising that Alice and Carolyn have been lying to her, she storms off. Joe goes after her, but he is preoccupied with his sister Angie's absence. Why has she not shown up to meet their parents?

Barbie wonders why the military are back and commandeers Dodee Weaver's services as a lip-reader to question one of the soldiers. Learning that once the visitors leave, the military will be going too, permanently, Barbie suddenly realises the significance of the pastor's references to Moab.

"His hearing aid must have intercepted a transmission like the ones you're picking up at the radio station," he tells Dodee. "Moab is not a [biblical] city; it's an acronym. MOAB – mother of all bombs. That's what we call the largest non-nuclear missile in our arsenal. Dodee, visitors' day was not about saying hello to your families," Barbie warns her. "It was about saying goodbye."



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