Season 1 - Episode 8: Thicker Than Water

Episode 8: Thicker Than Water

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This week, Norrie struggles to cope with the loss of her mother. She lashes out at Joe, telling him that her mum's death was his fault. As the hologram of Alice appeared while they were in the middle of the forest looking for the globe's nucleus – originally Joe's idea – Norrie assumes that these events are all connected.

Hurt by Norrie's accusations, Joe lets slip to Julia about the black egg that he and Norrie found under the mini-dome. Julia forces him to show it to her, but when they arrive, the egg has turned pink. When Julia touches the dome that covers it, a hologram of Joe appears, telling her: "The monarch will be crowned." Alarmed, Julia and Joe leave, determined to work out what is going on.

Elsewhere, Big Jim has a problem. The townspeople all know that the dome can produce rain, but this begins to look like a one-off as water supplies start to dwindle again. The only well belongs to Ollie, but he is unwilling to share, so despite Big Jim's efforts, the water remains on lockdown. This looks set to cause further trouble between Big Jim and his son Junior.

Big Jim wants to distribute guns among the Chester's Mill residents and take them to Ollie's property for a shootout, but Barbie votes that they blow up Ollie's well in order to redirect the water to the town's other wells. Big Jim wins, bullets fly and townspeople fall, but Barbie still has an explosive contribution to make.

There is another high-stakes showdown in store, however, when Junior places a gun to his dad's head. He accuses Big Jim of lying to him, while Jim claims that he did it to protect Junior. In the middle of an emotive heart-to-heart between the pair, a sudden interruption leads to shots being fired.

Can Norrie forgive Joe and come to terms with her terrible loss? Who survives the gunfire this week? And who is the "monarch" whose coronation has been foretold?



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