War Hero In My Family

Lisa Faulkner

In the time that Lisa knew her grandfather she never asked about his experiences in the RAF, and now wants to find out exactly the role he played.

For a decade, Lisa Faulkner has been a regular on our screens as an actress in hit drama series including Spooks and Holby City, and as a presenter on the successful Heir Hunter and magazine show Something for the Weekend. More recently, Lisa has revealed her passion for cooking as TV Chef for This Morning and series winner of Celebrity Master Chef.

Lisa’s latest cookery venture, Recipes From My Mother For My Daughter, combines her two loves of cooking and family. The book features recipes that have been passed from her great grandmother down through the generations.

Lisa's story

In War Hero In My Family, Lisa Faulkner goes in search of her grandfather’s World War II story. ‘Lelly’, as she knew him, was her favourite grandfather, but he died when Lisa was quite young. In the time that she knew him she never asked about his experiences as part of the RAF, and now wants to find out exactly what he did and the contribution he made.

One of the keepsakes in Lisa's possession is a curious set of photographs that Lelly left behind. Some seem to show victims of the German concentration camps, and Lisa is interested to find out how her grandfather came to have these. One of the photos has the word ‘Belsen’ written on the back in her grandfather’s handwriting.

At the RAF Museum in North London, Lisa learns about his work as part of the ground crew with 222 Squadron. She discovers that after D-Day the squadron played a vital part in supporting the ground troops as they pushed up through Northern Europe.

On her journey through Belgium, Lisa visits one of the airfields where her grandfather was based. As she continues she heads for the site of Belsen concentration camp to try to solve the puzzle as to why ‘Lelly’ had the photographs of some of the victims.

Story links

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