Series 1 - Episode 4

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Former England cricket captain David Gower and radio presenter Sara Cox discover the wartime sacrifices and contributions made by their relatives.

David’s uncle, John Gower, was a naval commander, who during the war captained naval destroyers and took part in D-Day. His ship on that fateful day was HMS Swift, one he had beforehand steered through gruelling Arctic conditions. As part of the British naval operations on D-Day, his instructions were to bombard Sword Beach immediately before the landing of the British troops. John made it through the war, but he subsequently found it hard to come to terms with the loss of his younger brother Derek on D-Day - the circumstances about which David is keen to better understand.

Sara Cox, meanwhile, seeks to learn more about her grandfather Vince, who lived in the village of Little Lever in Lancashire, and about whom one of her earliest memories is marching alongside him and his friends on Remembrance Day. Sara remembers Vince's pride in his medals, but she never got round to asking him what he did to earn them. Her bid to find out takes her to a fort on the south coast, where she gets to grips with a World War II Bedford truck before heading to the mountains of Northern Italy, discovering that her granddad was truly one of the war's unsung heroes.


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