Season 1 - Episode 1: No Place Like Home

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Australia's most famous correctional centre opens its gates for the first time in 27 years in an edgy, sexy and graphic re-imagining of the popular drama series, Prisoner: Cell Block H. Featuring both new and original characters, this no-holds-barred drama charts their struggle to survive in the violent, pressure cooker environment of a contemporary women's prison.

The series begins with Bea Smith, who arrives at Wentworth while on remand, charged with the attempted murder of her abusive husband. Traumatised by what has happened to her, Bea is easily manipulated by the temporary top dog, the beautiful and charismatic Franky Doyle.

Caught by canny prison governor Meg Jackson carrying a package of crystal meth for Franky, Bea refuses to betray her fellow inmate. This earns her a spell in solitary but also the respect of her unit, especially young mum Doreen and peer worker Liz Birdsworth.

Worse is to come. To pull Franky back into line, Meg releases Jacs Holt, the smart, ruthless matriarch of a criminal family and Wentworth’s reigning top dog, back into the compound. Jacs loses no time in testing Bea's mettle, but her main concern is Franky.

Knives are drawn and the prison yard is divided as the rivals send their terrifying hench women into battle. By the end of the day, Bea is in far deeper trouble than she could ever have imagined.

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