Season 1 - Episode 9: To the Moon

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Bea suffers agonies of shock, grief and despair at the news of Debbie's death. As the women's hearts go out to her, Jacs realises that she has made a tactical mistake, Fletch is reminded of a horrific incident from his past and Erica is made to realise how much her job relies on Channing's co-operation.

Debbie's death hits Bea hard. She adored her daughter and now she feels that she has nothing to live for. She cannot even go to the funeral, as she is considered a high-risk prisoner thanks to her drugs rap. After a sleepless night, she tells Will: "The first thing I think about when I wake up in here is Debbie. Now the first thing I'm going to think about when I wake up is that my little girl is dead."

Having lost Meg recently, Will can offer few words of comfort. "You don't forget. You just stop remembering so much," he replies, and offers to go to the morgue for Bea.

When husband Harry turns up at visiting time, Bea accuses him of negligence – did he not notice that Debbie was taking drugs? Harry is hurting too, but he is not to blame. Since her death, he has learned that Debbie had been skipping school and had not been at her friend Matilda's, as he thought, but had been with her boyfriend. A boyfriend whom neither Bea nor Harry knew about, and whose name is Brayden. How long will it be before Bea finds out that this is the name of Jacs's son?

Meanwhile, Channing is back from holiday and wants to know why so much has been going wrong at Wentworth while he has been away. Erica makes an enemy of him by tactlessly turning down a veiled sexual proposition, so he gives her no opportunity to explain and asks the officers instead. "There's a reason we work our way through the ranks," replies Fletch. “You can't lead without experience. You have to get your hands dirty." Channing is impressed and invites him out for a beer some time.

Fletch has problems of his own. When he was in the army, he saw a child shot dead in East Timor. The mother's reaction was much like Bea's and his memories of that time have come flooding back. In an effort to blot them out, he is drinking heavily. When Vera has to cancel their date, he invites himself inside and humiliates her by rushing their first sexual encounter. The next day he tries to explain, but will Vera accept his apology?

Meanwhile, the women have rallied round Bea. Even Simmo shows empathy, which does not escape Jacs's notice. An impassioned plea by Liz and Doreen melts Erica's resistance and she agrees that Bea should go to the funeral. But will Channing agree?



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