White Van Man

Series 1 - Episode 4

Episode 4

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43-year-old Wayne has it all – a beautiful girlfriend, a close relationship with his son and a thriving marquee business. He intends for his son, Harrison, to take over the family trade; instead of handing over pocket money in the traditional sense, Wayne gives him an allowance via an online payment account, and encourages him to earn cash buying and selling goods on the web.

Wayne visits a community centre in Kingston. The Korean festival is coming up and Wayne is hoping to win a contract to supply the festival with a marquee. Wayne has a connection with the organisers that he hopes will give him the edge. But a previous event saw a member of Wayne’s staff clashing with one of the community centre’s workers. Can he use his charm to smooth over the cracks and secure the contract?

Meanwhile, on the south coast, Pete and Steve are just finishing up their day jobs. They may be ordinary builders by day, but by night these hunky handymen strip off and perform odd jobs for clients who pay to watch them at work. Beauty does not come easily. To maintain their rippling abs, the boys hit the gym at least four times a week and down protein-boosting concoctions of raw eggs, bananas and bran. They definitely look the part, but have they got what it takes to impress a discerning audience of retired women?

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