Wills and Kate: Baby Fever

Wills and Kate: Baby Fever

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

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After a jubilant Royal Wedding last year, Britain is eagerly anticipating more good news from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. When the announcement is finally made, the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth will be consumed by royal baby fever.

In this documentary, royal experts, insiders and historians look back at the childhoods of Queen Elizabeth II, her children and grandchildren, offer their views on who William and Kate will look to for guidance and reveal just what it takes to raise a monarch. William and Kate have sought to define themselves as modern royals, but how will they balance ancient tradition with contemporary expectations, private life with public demands, family values with national duty?

We also talk to nannies, fashion experts and commentators on the big questions that all young parents face, and those that only royal parents must solve. Who will look after baby on those long business trips away from home? What will glamorous Kate wear on her bump? Will she buy designer romper suits or stick to her favourite high-street brands?

This unborn child is already perhaps the world's most famous and influential. Whether boy or girl, it will be born to rule. The removal of sexist succession laws now gives sons and daughters equal hereditary rights and has paved the way for a truly modern monarch.