Series 2 - Episode 2

Winter Road Rescue

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This week, torrential rain in the south-west brings some of the worst flooding in living memory, causing hundreds of millions of pounds worth of damage. With cars swept away and roads turning into rivers, the RAC’s Ian Devonshire and Sean Kimberlin are on high alert as they come to the rescue of stranded motorists.

In the Highlands of Scotland, as rain turns to snow, the council snowplough drivers in Aviemore are out in force, but the winter conditions take their toll on trucks and equipment. Plough driver Stevie Booth, who is only on his second winter on the roads, faces a new route and a race against time to get the roads clear of snow and ice.

Across the UK as freezing temperatures follow the rain, the roads become treacherous with black ice. As cars struggle to stay on the road, RAC patrolman Joe Ryan-Howes comes to the aid of a driver who has skidded on sheet ice into a fence.



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