Series 2 - Episode 3

Episode 3

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This week, winter bites back as Britain freezes during the coldest snap of the century. There is chaos on the roads as drivers get hit by snow, ice and freezing fog. Teams work tirelessly to rescue stranded motorists and keep the roads open. As deep snow blankets the country, the teams must battle the toughest conditions of the winter so far. In the Highlands, huge drifts of snow trap a council plough.

In some of the worst hit parts of the country, the RAC patrols battle to stay on the road to reach snowed-in motorists. In Northampton, heavy recovery specialists CMG Rescue Services are out 24 hours a day tackling the most dangerous recovery jobs in the worst of the weather. With overturned HGVs and traffic collisions, their recovery experts are pushed to the limit.

In Bournemouth, the snow brings dangerously reduced visibility to the roads. RAC patroller Louise French is first on the scene at a serious road traffic accident. With the ambulance still on its way, it is up to Louise to deal with the casualty.

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