Series 2 - Episode 3

Episode 3

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This week, winter bites back as Britain freezes during the coldest snap of the century. There is chaos on the roads as drivers get hit by snow, ice and freezing fog. Teams work tirelessly to rescue stranded motorists and keep the roads open. As deep snow blankets the country, the teams must battle the toughest conditions of the winter so far. In the Highlands, huge drifts of snow trap a council plough.

In some of the worst hit parts of the country, the RAC patrols battle to stay on the road to reach snowed-in motorists. In Northampton, heavy recovery specialists CMG Rescue Services are out 24 hours a day tackling the most dangerous recovery jobs in the worst of the weather. With overturned HGVs and traffic collisions, their recovery experts are pushed to the limit.

In Bournemouth, the snow brings dangerously reduced visibility to the roads. RAC patroller Louise French is first on the scene at a serious road traffic accident. With the ambulance still on its way, it is up to Louise to deal with the casualty.

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Comments (11)

  • mark

    4 months ago


    I have to agree with previous comments about the OTT voice overs, do they really think people are so naive as to believe this diatribe, shut up and just show the programme... which is great...we're not Americans you know!

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  • carl

    1 year ago


    great series however would by more better if it featured more heavy recovery operations.

  • dgl

    1 year ago


    Its a good program but I feel it would be better if it featured More on heavy recovery.

  • Ray Smith

    1 year ago

    Ray Smith

    I agree with Will to the extent of the inaccuracies in the commentary, and the over exaggeration. However, I still feel it's basically a good programme, and show that even the RAC patrols go the extra mile when needed. The recovery blokes have some impressive kit, and they certainly know how to use it.

  • Alan Stay

    1 year ago

    Alan Stay

    If you cut out the massive free ad for the RAC and stuck to the more interesting and more professional heavy recovery lads it would be a much better program.

  • sonic

    1 year ago


    we all love it...the snow that is. The programme is not bad either

  • jethro

    1 year ago


    well done will - you tell em. To switch off after 10 mins but then still find the time in your day to find the show online to air your views - wow just wow, you're an inspiration

  • will

    1 year ago


    An interesting program completely spoiled by a moronically scripted voice-over that repeated the same exaggerated and imagined dangers over and over and over again. The writer has obviously been watching too much Ice Truckers and has rubbished this show. I switched channels after ten minutes.

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  • bazz

    1 year ago


    well good init