World's Busiest

Series 1 - Hotel

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Documentary going behind the scenes at the Venetian Palazzo hotel in Las Vegas. In addition to over 7,000 rooms and America's highest grossing restaurant, the Palazzo boasts gondolas, canals and three theatres. In fact, it gets more visitors every year than Venice itself. This programme meets some of the 8,500 staff who keep things running smoothly.

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  • Buchan

    3 months ago


    For anyone having problems, try watch the video on a different browser. For me, this doesn't work on Google Chrome but works on Internet Explorer. Subtitles work too :)

  • MichelleElliott

    3 months ago


    annoyingly i can't get this to play!

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  • Pete C

    4 months ago

    Pete C

    I agree completely with Ed M above and more after spending the time watching the ads again and again when I had to reload, I gave up after just managed to watch about 10 minutes of the episode. This is appalling and not good for Channel 5 with online viewers.

  • Ed M

    7 months ago

    Ed M

    Will not Load adverts Rubbish I have an excellent internet signal (i have checked) but it takes ages to get through the ads and will jot load after that. I then have to reload the page, and watch the ads all over again. Never have this problem with BBC, iTV, Channel 4 or Dave. Channel five, this is appalling

  • Cristal

    7 months ago



  • herert

    7 months ago


    why no subtitles?could you plese provide subtitles?

  • jill150

    9 months ago


    does anyone know which month the filming took place for the World's Busiest Hotel in Las Vegas?