World's Most Pampered Pets

World's Most Pampered Pets

A fun, entertaining and moving programme meeting a collection of the most glamorous and well-kept pets in the world today. From a Californian man who keeps lizards as house guests and the Aussie ducks who dress for the catwalk to the world’s richest chimp and President Obama’s dog Bo, discover why some people spend as much money on their pets as they do on themselves.

  • Series 1 - Episode 2

    New York-based pet journalist Dara Foster takes her dog Emmet to try out Fetch Club, a disco for dogs.

    Available until 11:45 25 Dec 2018

  • Series 1 - Episode 1

    Entertaining documentary about the most glamorous and luxuriously kept pets in the world, including catwalk ducks, the world's richest chimp and President Obama's dog Bo.

    Available until 18:00 25 Aug 2018

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