World's Scariest...

Series 1 - World's Greatest Daredevils

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Featuring kite-surfers, base-jumpers, freestyle motorcyclists, kayakers and climbers, this is the ultimate collection of thrill seekers doing what they love - cheating death.



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Comments (13)

  • Andy

    almost 2 years ago


    Where can I find the skating video online? The guy going down the narrow tunnel on skates.

  • rob swansea

    almost 2 years ago

    rob swansea

    Where's the big wave surfers?? Little more extreme than most of those stunts!!

  • sean

    almost 2 years ago


    i dont want to sound morbid, maybe channel5 should do top 10 worst crashes on the road,

  • shimmypiff

    2 years ago


    good show but I'm leaving as the same adverts every time is enough to drive one bananarama! maybe address this banana issue channel5 please.

  • Aiden

    2 years ago


    Anyone else spot that bit of tunnel skating? Anyone have any ideas who/where/when?

  • Hana

    2 years ago


    Really want to know the name of the last song for the no.1 basejumper. Any ideas?

  • Jools in Ringwwod, Hants

    2 years ago

    Jools in Ringwwod, Hants

    My 11 and 9 year old loved this, they feel inspired to do something similar when they are older!!!

  • Johnny Bravo

    2 years ago

    Johnny Bravo

    Awesome! Leo Houlding is the man!

  • Danny Barratt

    2 years ago

    Danny Barratt

    Jeb Corliss????!

  • Nick

    2 years ago


    Here is a link to the track. Its called Kinetic by Mike Craig and Oli Godfrey. Awesome Tune!

  • sam elias

    2 years ago

    sam elias

    can someone tell me the name of the sound track? thanks

  • AL

    2 years ago


    Great, an some footage of the Help the Heros BASE team!

  • matt

    2 years ago


    i can't wait to see this, the promo looks awesome