World's Scariest...

Series 1 - World's Scariest Plane Landings

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From skilled to not-so-skilled pilots, adverse weather conditions and mechanical failure, this selection of sometimes petrifying moments, shot on home video, give as-it-happened views from the ground or inside the planes.

Among the gripping footage is hair-raising British landings at London’s City Airport and in Leeds, an engine catching fire as a heron flies into it during the take-off of a Thompson flight. There's also coverage of the incredible Hudson River landing in January in 2009, with comment from one of the passengers who recalls that she left the plane through first class and got into a life-raft, whilst those passengers who left through economy ended up sitting on the wing…

An exclusive interview with Captain Sullenberger, the pilot who landed the US Airways flight and its 155 passengers safely in the Manhattan river, provides an understanding of the complex process that well-trained pilots go through in such high octane moments.

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