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Series 3 - World's Craziest Weddings

World's Craziest Weddings

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A wedding day is dramatic enough without any added complications, but some people are determined to make their special day even more memorable. World’s Craziest Weddings your invitation to view incredible footage of madcap weddings and preposterous proposals from around the world.

Whether it’s a grand gesture, a 215 strong flash mob proposal, a record breaking 15 foot high cake at a civil partnership in Scotland, or a budget ceremony where the vicar upstages everyone, World’s Craziest Weddings provides all the hilarity, emotion and downright nuttiness of a wedding day.

Linked together with hilarious comment from newlywed comedian Milo McCabe, the stories are people’s own brilliant footage from their big day, with interviews from those who were there.

We see the moment when one would-be groom loses his ring on Brooklyn Bridge in New York and sparks a full scale suicide alert when he tries to retrieve it. We’re at the altar with the bride whose sister grabs all the attention after she passes out midway through the ceremony, and we go into orbit at the world’s first zero gravity wedding.

We’re there for the heart-stopping moment when a bride is left standing at the altar, and when another couple’s vows are hit by a tornado.

World’s Craziest Weddings is your invitation to some of the world’s most mind blowing marriages and proposals. So hold on to your hats as we take you up the aisle…



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