World's Scariest...

Series 2 - World's Scariest... Flights

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Featuring intense moments of aviation drama captured on camera, this episode offers unprecedented views from the ground and inside the plane from some of the most terrifying plane journeys.

Scenes include an amazing no-landing-gear touchdown at Warsaw airport in 2011 and an airliner exploding in a massive fireball at Okinawa, Japan. Testimony from experts, eyewitnesses and survivors provide added insight to what happened and what went wrong.

We also examine the hijacking and water-landing of Ethiopian Airlines flight 961, which informed Captain Sullenberger’s emergency landing on New York’s Hudson River in 2009. And it is not just planes, a scenic balloon flight has a brush with disaster for holidaying Brits in Luxor, Egypt, and an experienced aerobatic helicopter pilot escapes death by the skin of his teeth.



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