World's Toughest Trucker

Series 1 - Episode 3

World's Toughest Trucker

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After the Australian eliminations, the six remaining contenders now rev up for their most daunting challenge yet: the infamous BR163 road through Brazil’s wild and unruly cattle lands. Dubbed ‘the deadliest road in Brazil’, the BR163 is the main north-south route. It is still under construction, and only 20% of the route is paved. The remainder is a rough, uneven dirt track pitted with potholes and mud makes much of it impassable in the wet season.

In new driver pairings, the challenge is designed to take the truckers well out of their comfort zone into a hostile environment with tricky driving conditions. Tasked with transporting 11 half-ton concrete pipes, the truckers soon discover their cargo is oversized, fragile and almost impossible to secure.

Relationships between some of the truckers prove to be as bumpy as the road. Will they survive the three-day, 360-mile journey? It is a battle between speed and strategy with surprising results...


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    damien trollope

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    juliet vatenun

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  • chris

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    Being an aussie i know what the roads are like in OZ and to do that amount of miles you have to get on with each other and not bitch about things,go guys looking forward to the next show. may be i might get the chance to do an episodes like this