Zoo Days

Konnie Huq

Documentary following the day-to-day dramas of the animals and keepers of Chester and Colchester Zoos, home to some of the world’s most endangered animals.


  • Series 3 - Episode 19

    Samara, a 14ft-tall giraffe, must be anaesthetised for an operation. Getting her to the floor and back on her feet again safely calls for a massive team effort.

  • Series 3 - Episode 18

    A rare crocodile is in a bad mood when he's moved to a new enclosure at Chester Zoo, while the jaguars enjoy some unusual ice lollies. Narrated by Sarah Lancashire.

  • Series 3 - Episode 17

    Giraffe Margaret returns to the herd after an illness. Meanwhile, a rare macaw departs for a new life abroad. And keepers struggle to catch a colony of bats.

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