• Episode 20

    The vets anaesthetise Rajang the orangutan for his move to a new home.

  • Episode 19

    Zola the African elephant rejoins the females after eight months away.

  • Episode 18

    The team is tasked with moving some squirrel monkeys into a new enclosure.

  • Episode 17

    There is an emergency when Piora the tamarin escapes. And keepers must save a sick crowned crane chick.

  • Episode 16

    The keepers attempt to catch a poorly penguin who seems determined not to receive medical attention.

  • Episode 15

    The keepers gather at the aardvark burrow for a new arrival. Vets are called to the mandrill enclosure.

  • Episode 14

    The team prepares for a new summer display at the sea lion enclosure; and Katavi is given her inoculations.

  • Episode 13

    An army of keepers is required to vaccinate an entire section of the zoo; and night cameras are installed.

  • Episode 12

    The keepers face an emergency when a rare cat has a seizure; and it is training day for some snappy crocodiles.

  • Episode 11

    A giant African spurred tortoise develops a leg problem and the elephants are treated to an ice lolly.

  • Episode 10

    Chaos the reindeer arrives; and rare Amur tigers Igor and Anoushka take on the keepers in a tug of war.

  • Episode 9

    The team finally discovers whether white rhino Cynthia is pregnant. Could the zoo could soon be celebrating?

  • Episode 8

    Senior keeper Richard attempts an unusual experiment involving a melon, a tea bag and eight million ants.

  • Episode 7

    Konnie catches up with Katavi the hand-reared cheetah cub as he takes his first steps outdoors.

  • Episode 6

    The meerkats start their week with an eggy breakfast. The keepers join Babyface the harbour seal in his pool.

  • Episode 5

    The keepers are hoping that female white rhino Cynthia will be the first in the UK to have a baby born through artificial insemination.

  • Episode 4

    Mangabey monkey Sputnik is rapidly earning a reputation for his bully boy antics.

  • Episode 3

    There is sadness at the zoo when rare African hunting dog Depti leaves Colchester to begin a new life overseas.

  • Episode 2

    Zoo director Anthony has concerns for the newborn cheetah cub he is hand rearing. Vet John Lewis attends to Jasmine, a harbour seal with an infected eye.

  • Episode 1

    Documentary series based at Colchester Zoo. Zoo director Anthony Tropeano steps in to save a newborn cheetah cub abandoned by its mother.