Transplant Sport

/ 4 February 2016

Founded in 1978, Transplant Sport (TS), is the largest national transplant charity increasing awareness of the need for organ donation and showcasing the benefits of transplantation. TS do this through organising sport, social, educational and public events. The charity promotes active recovery for transplant recipients, encouraging them to lead active lifestyles, and provide support to their families and also to those still waiting for a transplant.

TS organises sport and social activities throughout the year all over the UK. The annual highlight is the British Transplant Games where participants of all abilities and all ages, ranging from 2 years – 80+ years, enjoy taking part in over 23 sports and activities. All have either received a life saving transplant, are live donors, or deceased donor families.

All are celebrating the gift of life, and show appreciation for and remember all donors and their families. TS are looking forward to welcoming little heart transplant girl, Ella, to next year’s British Transplant Games in Liverpool!

The elite transplant athletes compete at the World Transplant Games, both winter and summer sports, and the European Transplant Games. The publicity, and personal stories, disseminates the important message of discussing our donation wishes with our families now. With 3 people dying every day waiting for an organ transplant, the real tragedy is, that 42% of potential donor families, do not give consent for donation of their loved ones organs. The majority of these families were not aware of their loved ones wishes. Transplant Sport actively promotes signing on to the NHS Organ Donor Register and increasing the family consent rate, by discussing our wishes now with our families.

Transplant Sport work closely with the Donor Family Network, the leading donor family charity in the transplant community, providing awareness of organ and tissue donation and support of donor families. They promote the positive benefits of organ and tissue donation by encouraging families to talk about organ donation.
The Donor Family Network is run by donor families for donor families. Their logo consists of a butterfly and a forget-me-not. The butterfly represents hope and new life, and the forget-me-not means no donor will ever be forgotten.

To donate life, is the ultimate gift.

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