Here are the winners of our competitions. Congratulations everyone!

Please note that before we can announce the names of winners of our competitions, Channel 5 must first verify their entry and their name and address. This can take up to 28 days, so if the winner of a recent competition is not currently shown, please be patient while we confirm details.

How the Other Half Live Competition  19.07.18

Prize:  A trip to Monaco and £1k

Winner: Victoria Newell

Home and Away Competition 3 03.07.18

Prize:  Australia trip and £1k

Winner: Charlotte Bishop

Five Go Caravanning Competition 13.07.18

Prize:  A Caravan stay in Cornwall and £1k

Winner: John Fenwick

Cricket Competition 3 01.08.18

Prize:  Hospitality ticket and a hotel stay

Winner: Margaret Davies

Building Britain’s Canal Competition 15.06.18

Prize:  A Canal trip for 4

Winner: Irene Hunter

Hotel Inspector Competition 1 05.06.18

Prize:  A hotel stay in Chester and £1,000

Winner: Marilyn Millar

Cruising with Jane Competition 08.06.18

Prize:  Tickets to see Jane, a hotel stay and £3,000!

Winner: John Williams

Drama Competition 4 12.06.18

Prize:  A trip for 4 to France

Winner: Sharon Swarbrick

The Gadget Show Competition 3 11.05.18

Main Prize:  £35k Gadget Bundle

Main Prize Winner: Sheree Hanson

Runner Up Prize: £1k Gadget Bundle each

Runner Up Prize Winner: Shane Burfield

Runner Up Prize Winner: Anne- Marie Hamilton

Runner Up Prize Winner: Stuart Chambers

Runner Up Prize Winner: Brent Porter

Runner Up Prize Winner: Mr P Clegg

Runner Up Prize Winner: Nick Doody

Runner Up Prize Winner: Aaron Grimshaw

Runner Up Prize Winner: Jessie Allan

Runner Up Prize Winner: Paul Pinnock

Runner Up Prize Winner: Ahmed Matar

Cricket  Competition 2 08.06.18

Prize:  Hospitality tickets at Trent Bridge and a two night hotel stay.

Winner: Russell Tanner

Neighbours  Competition 2 09.04.18

Prize:  A holiday to Melbourne, Australia. Plus £1k spends and a Neighbours tour.

Winner: Mary Sinclair

The Yorkshire Vet Competition 2 15.05.18

Prize:  A trip to a Yorkshire Spa and £500

Winner: Shirley Procter- Dow

Home and Away Competition 2 09.05.18

Prize:  A trip to Australia and £1k

Winner: Natalie Emslie

Paddington Competition 2 30.04.18

Prize:  A first class rail trip from Paddington to St Austell Bay and £500

Winner: Ian Greenep

Britain’s Cathedrals Competition  29.03.18

Prize:  A trip to York and £500

Winner: Christine Burnett

Drama Competition 3   17.04.18

Prize:  A trip to Mexico

Winner: Martin Rowsell

Countdown to Pompeii Competition  30.05.18

Prize:  A trip to Historic Pompeii

Winner: Dale Crouch

Cricket 1 Competition  24.05.18

Prize:  Cricket tickets and a hotel stay

Winner: Amanda Gillham

Paddington Competition  26.03.18

Prize:  A first class rail trip from Paddington to Talland Bay Hotel and £500

Winner: Paul Bowler

Dog Rescuers Competition  21.12.17

Prize:  £5,000

Winner: Adele Hill

The Yorkshire Vet Competition  17.04.18

Prize:  £5,000

Winner: Louise Marley

The Gadget Show Competition 2 13.04.18

Prize:  £45,000 Gadget Show Bundle inc. a Jeep!

Winner: Martin Carr

Cruising with Jane Competition 21.12.17

Prize:  £5,000

Winner: Lee Henderson

Drama Competition 2 2018 20.02.18

Prize: Drama DVDs and £5,000

Winner: Michael McCullough

Wild Britain Competition 1 2018 06.03.18

Prize: A trip for 4 to Mill House Cottages and £500

Winner: Joanne Mackel

Bargain Loving Brits in the Sun Competition  2018 25.01.18

Prize: A trip to Benidorm and £1,000

Winner: Barbara Dale

All Aboard Competition 1 2018 09.03.18

Prize: A trip to experience the North York Moors Railway and £500

Winner: Phyllis O’ Sullivan

The Gadget Show Competition 1 2018 09.03.18

Prize: Our Biggest Ever £50k Bundle!

Winner: Emma Hughes

Secrets of Our National Trust Competition 1 2018 27.02.18

Prize: A trip to the Ickworth Hotel, A Years National Trust Membership and £500

Winner: Susan Burtt

Home and Away Competition 1 15.01.18

Prize: A 10 night trip to Sydney and £500

Winner: Gail Doherty

Dale Winton’s Florida Fly and Drive Competition 1 08.02.18

Prize: A trip to Florida and £1k

Winner: Wendy Hickling

The Wine Show Competition 12.01.18

Prize: A wine trip in France and £1k spending money

Winner: Paul Corbet

Neighbours 1 Competition 08.01.18

Prize: £5,000

Winner: Alexandra Pollock

Peyton and Polizzi’s Restaurant Rescue Competition 07.02.18

Prize: £2,000

Winner: Tracy Egan

Celebrity 5 Go Barging Competition 02.02.18

Prize: A boating trip on the Canal du Midi and £1,000

Winner: Harvey Scott

World’s Greatest Bridges Competition 27.10.17

Prize: A trip to two US bridges

Winner: David Harrigan

Wonderful World of Puppies Competition 05.01.18

Prize:  £3000

Winner: Barbara Lunn

Costa Del Celebrity Competition 05.01.18

Prize:  A week in Spain and £500

Winner: Anna Birch