Season 1 recap

Missed Season 1 of Gotham? Don’t sweat; here are the things you need to know before Season 2 hits your screen.

Penguin is the king of Gotham

Saul Maroni is gone, Don Falcone is in hiding, and Fish Mooney is well and truly out of the picture. Oswald Cobblepot is the new self-proclaimed King of Gotham. We wonder just how long that will last.

Bruce is about to make a discovery

Remember the final scenes of Season 1? Of course you do. Young Bruce Wayne makes his way down to a secret cave hidden within Wayne Manor. What hides behind the door? We’ll find out soon enough.

Barbara wants revenge

Once the charming and reassuring fiancée of Jim Gordon, Barbara left Gotham and returned with an axe to grind. After a traumatic experience at the hands of The Ogre,  Barbara suffers a breakdown, confessing to the murder of her parents and attacking Gordon’s current flame, Leslie.  She now finds herself at the mercy of the notorious Arkham Asylum.

Wayne Enterprise has something to hide

Young Bruce Wayne knows his father was hiding a secret before his untimely death, and he won’t rest until it’s uncovered. Investigating the illegal activity at the heart of Wayne Enterprise continues to grip Bruce and he remains cautious of Sid Bunderslaw and Lucius Fox, high-flyers within the company.

Something’s amiss with Ed Nygma

Throughout Season 1 Ed Nygma’s infatuation for Kristen Kringle was growing to unhealthy levels, and it certainly crossed the line when he brutally murdered her boyfriend. Something tells us his lust for blood and riddles hasn’t yet been fulfilled.

It’s not just the bad guys causing havoc in Gotham!

It’s little wonder the city is largely controlled by criminal organisations with such an inept police force! The Gotham City Police Department has long been a hotbed of corruption and underhand tactics, and with Commissioner Loeb at the helm, things are hardly looking up. Can Jim Gordon give the jailhouse the shake-up it so badly needs?

We’re no closer to finding out who murdered Bruce Wayne’s parents.

Despite Jim Gordon’s promises, the mystery of who killed Mr and Mrs Wayne is no closer to being solved. With the lunatics that run the streets, and the dodgy dealings within Wayne enterprises, it really is anyone’s guess.