Dishing On Duchovny: 10 Amazing Facts

The truth is out there… Everything you always wanted to know about The X-Files’ David Duchovny, but were afraid to ask.

Born 7/08/60 in NYC, David William Duchovny is of Scottish Lutheran and Russian Jewish descent. 


Duchovny has a BA in English Literature from Princeton and an MA in English Literature from Yale.


The X-Files creator Chris Carter regards David Duchovny as one of the best-read people he knows.


Duchovny’s first significant role was transgender DEA agent Denise/Dennis Bryson in Twin Peaks.


In ‘96, Duchovny made it onto People mag’s list of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World.


Duchovny has played Fox Mulder on The X-Files, Eek! the Cat, The Simpsons and The Lone Gunmen.


David Duchovny was best man at Mitch Pileggi’s second wedding.


David Duchovny “…never, ever, ever cooks. And I would never eat anything I might cook.”

THE X-FILES: David Duchovny as FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder. THE X-FILES TM & © 2016 Fox and its related entities. All rights reserved.
Duchovny’s favourite #TheXFiles ending is Post-Modern Prometheus in which Mulder & Scully dance.


In 2015, Duchovny wrote his first book (Holy Cow) & recorded his first album (Hell or Highwater).


Barbara’s most villainous moments

To celebrate Barbara Kean’s first #VillainOfTheWeek victory (woo!), we present to you her most despicable Gotham moments yet…

  • The time when she killed her parents. After being brainwashed by The Ogre, Barbara revealed to a horrified Leslie she had killed her mum and dad, officially marking her transition into Gotham’s dark side. On the plus side, it also meant she gained the catchy nickname, Stabby Babs. ?
  • The time when she tried to kill James Gordon’s new girlfriend, Leslie. OK, you don’t have to pretend to like your ex’s new squeeze but you probably shouldn’t try to kill them either.
  • That time when she escaped from Arkham Asylum (after threatening to kill Leslie again, of course.) She may have been busted out but Babs chose to go on the run with the Maniax.Gotham-S2_Ep2_15
  • The time she opted to help Theo Galavan’s gang of Arkham escapees bring terror to the streets of Gotham, instead of turning herself in. Gotham-S2_Ep2_02
  • The time when she whipped the mayor of Gotham. Luckily, Mayor Aubrey James had a metal box on his head, so he probably couldn’t see it was Babs on the other end of the whip. Was this an attempt from Barbara to shake her Stabby Babs nickname? Sadly for her, Whippy Babs doesn’t have as much of a ring to it…Untitled-2
  • The time when she took some hostages. But these weren’t just any hostages – they were decent citizens of Gotham attending a charity event. C’mon, you don’t get more villainous than that. Babs nabbed even more baddie points by also almost getting Bruce Wayne killed on the same night.
  • That time when she tried to kill James Gordon. Not only did Barbara lead Gordon and Harvey straight into the path of an oncoming truck, she then took him hostage and threatened to kill him. She also kidnapped Leslie for good measure. What’s more, she did this all wearing a wedding dress, which (although gorgeous) was a little bit creepy.
    It all ended badly for Barbara, who ended up falling from the church window ?. Get well soon, Babs!Untitled-3

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