All About Anderson: 10 things you might not know

A collection of trivial factlets regarding sci-fi novelist, active activist and star of stage and screen, Gillian Anderson.

Gillian Leigh Anderson was born in Chicago on 8/9/68. She has English, German & Irish ancestry.


Anderson was voted Class Clown, Most Bizarre Girl and Most Likely to be Arrested in high school.


Art lover Anderson spent her first pay cheque from The X-Files on a David Blackburn lithograph.


“There are many things I would have done differently,” says G.A., “but Scully isn’t one of them.”


Says Anderson of The X-Files’ Agent Scully, “I am more spontaneous than my character.”


The X-Files creator Chris Carter is godfather to Anderson’s daughter Piper.


“I don’t usually like seeing things I’m in,” says Anderson. “I get really depressed afterward.”


Anderson has won a Primetime Emmy, a Golden Globe and an Evening Standard Theatre Award.


Depending on her location, Anderson shifts easily between her English and American accents.

The X FIles-Ep 6-My Struggle II

Anderson & Jeff Rovin co-authored an epic sci trilogy, The Earthend Saga. Part III is due in September.