Episode 3 – Useful contacts


Foreign Accent Syndrome is a very rare condition where the sufferer suddenly finds themselves speaking differently, as if they were speaking their own language but with a foreign accent. The cause of this condition can be physical damage to the brain/nervous system, or psychological issues.


Reis Bucklers corneal dystrophy is an extremely rare genetic disorder that gradually erodes the surface of both eyes, which can cause blindness. Usually inherited, symptoms include decreased vision, irritation in the eyes and sensitivity to light.

For more information on the condition please go to  http://www.cornealdystrophyfoundation.org/

DERMOGRAPHIA – Michelle Inch

Dermographia  is a skin condition which is also known as skin writing due to the ability to draw on the  skin with just a small pressure. As part of our immune system, mast cells in the skin release chemicals to defend the body. But with dermographia these cells are in a constantly aggravated state and overreact to the slightest touch, causing raised itchy bumps.

For more information on the condition please go to  https://www.facebook.com/skinwriting

James Murray, Lenora Crichlow and Perry Fitzpatrick join the cast of Suspects

Suspects returns to Channel 5 later this year for a fifth series and introduces three new cast members. James Murray (Cucumber, New Tricks, Defiance), Lenora Crichlow (Being Human, Fast Girls, Sugar Rush, Black Mirror) and Perry Fitzpatrick (This is England) will join original cast members Damien Molony (Being Human, Ripper Street) and Clare-Hope Ashitey (Doctor Foster, Top Boy, The White King and I.T.) in the gripping and innovative crime drama series.

The brand new series will launch with the shocking discovery of D.I. Martha Bellamy’s body by her daughter Daisy (Alexa Davis).  It appears she’s been fatally shot in her own home, and with her father missing too, Daisy immediately calls D.S Jack Weston (Damien Molony).  Leading this traumatic investigation is D.C.I Drummond (James Murray) with his trusted team T.D.C Gary Roscoe (Perry Fitzpatrick) and D.S Alisha Brooks (Lenora Crichlow). Together with D.C Charlie Steele and D.S Jack Weston, they leave no stone unturned in the hunt to find the killer.

As the pressure to find the killer mounts, tensions within the new team inevitably creep in as they navigate their new working relationship.  DCI Drummond is a strong alpha male whose desire to control all elements of the investigation leads to clashes with the more gung-ho approach of D.S. Weston.  Weston also has private concerns about D.S. Alisha Brooks’ loyalty, believing she is just a spy for DCI Drummond, and her work in the Department of Professional Standards only adds to his suspicions.  Meanwhile, T.D.C Gary Roscoe appears to be a straight-forward copper who only wants to get results.

With the dialogue improvised by the actors – and filming techniques and a directorial approach more associated with factual programming and fly-on-the-wall documentaries – Suspects subverts and innovates the crime genre whilst delivering a face paced, gripping story.

The series has attracted universal acclaim; the Daily Telegraph called the programme “effective and smart”, The Times wrote that Suspects was “a triumph of accurately observed procedure” and the Daily Mail described the show as “powerful, original viewing”.

Suspects series 5 will air on Channel 5 later this year.


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