The Secret Life of Puppies – A Dog’s-Eye View of Its First Year of Life

A puppy is born every minute in the UK, and we are a nation of self-confessed puppy lovers. Puppies are cute, fun, loving and intelligent – but they can also be frustrating, mischievous and the greatest time-wasters on earth! Dogs pee, poo, bark, chew, dig, run, jump, chase and bite. They can behave in ways that most humans find hard to understand – or even totally baffling!

In this first book from the highly successful Channel 5 Show, The Secret Life of Puppies, we discover what takes place in the first year of a puppy’s life. Through their eyes we witness that beneath their cute appearance lies a world full of drama, love, learning and courage.

Meet some of the stars of the show and find out more about those particular breeds. Also featuring training exercises, healthcare checks and troubleshooting tips for those times when things aren’t quite going to plan, this book will have you swooning over padded paws, floppy ears and adorable faces.

The Secret Life of Puppies is out now! Available from all good book stores and online book retailers.

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