Sex Pod: The bottom line

This week on Sex Pod we met Kiefer who was feeling very nervous about having anal sex. Even though he had done it before, he said that he had become very anxious when anyone touched his anus – which obviously was NOT having a great effect on his libido and overall experience.

So he came in to ask Sex Pod a question that had been on his mind – “can the anus tear while having anal sex?”

NEVER FEAR Kiefer, knowledge is power and Sex Pod has all the answers. SO, for Kiefer and for all of you who’ve had similar fears, let’s talk anal sex and the risks involved!

Anal sex – what is it and why do it?

Anal sex is any type of sex that involves the anus, whether that’s oral sex or penetration with sex toys, fingers or a penis.

While anal sex can be pleasurable for women, it can be especially pleasurable for men due to their prostate, which is an erogenous gland located in their pelvis that can be stimulated via penetrative anal sex.

What do you need to have anal sex?

First thing’s first, you’re gonna need to use a condom. That’s because you can not only get STIs like chlamydia and genital herpes from anal sex, but you are also more likely to get blood-borne infections like HIV and Hepatitis B and C.

In fact, penetrative anal sex is the most risky type of sex for contracting STIs, so it’s REALLY important you use protection.

You’ll also need to use plenty of lubrication (or lube) to make the experience as comfortable and as pleasurable as possible, because without lubricant the lining of the anus is more likely to tear and cause discomfort.

Just make sure it’s a water based lube as oil-based ones can break condoms!

What can go wrong?

Unlike the vagina, the anus is NOT elastic and its lining is very thin and easy to damage.

What does this mean? It means you need to be extra gentle and careful during sex, and that you may bleed a bit – especially if it is your first time having anal sex, if the sex is rough, or if you have a haemorrhoid. The bleeding is nothing to worry about if it lasts a couple of days, but any more than that and you’ll need to go to your GP to get it checked out.

You could also get an infection due to the bleeding, so it’s important to get yourself checked out if you spot anything out of the ordinary.

The good news is that, while you could experience tears, infections or discomfort, penetrative anal sex is UNLIKELY to cause any serious injury.

Fisting or penetration through larger sex toys, however, can cause serious injury if you aren’t careful as there is a chance of perforating your colon, which is actually a surgical emergency. So if you are having anal sex and experiencing severe abdominal pain (one of the symptoms) then you should IMMEDIATELY get checked out.

How can I have good anal sex?

If you are going to be on the receiving end of penetrative anal sex, it is important that you are relaxed, comfortable, and that you TRUST your sexual partner.

Like any other type of sex, foreplay and lubrication is key and your partner has to be very considerate of how you’re feeling every step of the way so that you can relax – it is important that you know they’ll stop or slow down if you give the word. These factors will make sure your anus is relaxed rather than tensed up so will allow for an overall more pleasurable experience.

WORD OF WARNING: like we always say, porn is not real sex – you shouldn’t feel pressured to keep up with it in the bedroom IRL. Anal sex is actually all about taking it easy, being considerate, and only doing what feels good for you.

Melanie Sykes to join Channel 5’s Blind Date

Melanie Sykes is set to join the iconic and original dating show Blind Date when it returns to TV screens this summer.

Melanie Sykes joins the show, hosted by Paul O’Grady, taking on the voiceover role previously held by Graham Skidmore, affectionately known to the nation as ‘Our Graham’. Melanie will be helping contestants make their minds up and supporting Paul O’Grady with the famous recap and reveal.

Blind Date moves into production this week, as a new generation of love-seeking contestants compete against each other to hook up with their potential love match, hiding behind the legendary sliding panel.

On joining the show Melanie Sykes said: “It’s an honour to be joining such an iconic show and to be working alongside my dear friend Paul. I can’t wait to help a new generation find love on the show.”

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Sex Pod: foreskin fact and fiction

This week, Ophir came in to ask Sex Pod for the low-down on circumcised penises, and whether they’re actually more sensual in the sack.

“Does circumcision make sex more pleasurable for a woman?” she asked. And we’re glad she did.

Circumcision is the procedure of removing the foreskin from the penis, and it’s not uncommon – it’s popular among many cultures and religions, though it’s often done for medical reasons too.

But what does being circumcised actually mean for the man? And what, more importantly in Ophir’s eyes, does it mean for the woman having sex with him?

What is the foreskin?

The foreskin is the double layered fold of skin that covers the penis, but that can be pulled back to uncover its head.

The fact that circumcision is widely practiced suggests that the foreskin is not an absolutely necessary part of the penis. So what is it actually for?

The foreskin is largely protective – it stops the glans (the rounded tip of the penis, and the most sensitive part) from rubbing against clothing or getting damaged. BUT it also contains a lot of nerve receptors so can provide extra pleasure.

What are the differences between a circumcised and an uncircumcised penis?

A penis that has been circumcised will need more lubrication during foreplay, whereas an uncircumcised penis already has natural lubrication.

Some men who are circumcised can also be less sensitive during sex due to the fact that the penis no longer has a protective layer (the foreskin) and has had to toughen up to protect itself.

What do women prefer?

Ok, so a penis without a foreskin looks different to one with a foreskin.

And Ophir told Sex Pod that she prefers circumcised penises to look at, describing them as “prettier” and seemingly “cleaner” than when they are uncircumcised, though she did admit that the idea that one is cleaner than the other was probably psychological.

Generally, though, no size fits all! While some women may prefer the idea of a circumcised penis, others may not like it at all, it just depends on the person and, often, that persons’ culture or upbringing.

Sex Pod sexpert Rebecca Dakin said she didn’t think there was any difference on the receiving end for women having sex with an uncircumcised or circumcised penis.

So there you have it! The only real difference for women is aesthetic, as sex for her stays largely the same – it really is all down to what tickles her fancy…

Until next week Sex Pod-ers!