More about the programme

Inside the Gang – ep 2: More about the programme

The aim of the programme was to delve deeper into London’s gang world than we’ve ever been before – and we wanted to do it from an insiders’ perspective.

How did we contact gang members?

Through underground ‘fixers’ we were able to get in touch with both London gang members and suppliers of gang weapons who otherwise would have been unapproachable.

Gang members were asked through the fixers if they would feel comfortable appearing on Inside The Gang and filming the action themselves. If they came back to us and agreed to take part, they were all given the opportunity to decide whether or not they’d want to cover their faces and hide their identities or not. Some members, ex-gang members in particular, chose not to hide their identities, but all were given time to consider the options before they made their decision.

What did we discover?

We approached lots of different gang members for filming and what we overwhelmingly saw was the diversity of gang life.

Gangs were made up of diverse ages (many ‘olders’ were still involved in gang life as well as kids as young as 13), ethnicities (we met white, Asian, mixed race and black gang members) and, as we’ll examine more closely in the third episode, there are many women and girls involved in gang life too.

We also discovered that gang operations have expanded far further out of the city than we’d expected, as gang drug dealers are increasingly finding quiet, affluent areas in the country with a high demand for class A drugs and less supplier competition.

What now?

Inside The Gang is a documentary exploring the very real issues presented by London gang life. As broadcasters we wanted to take a non-judgemental stance and simply present the facts to our viewers. By doing this we hoped to raise awareness about the, often dire, situations gang members find themselves in and about what really goes on behind closed doors.

Click here if you’re a gang member and you want to know more about leaving your gang and who you can contact if you need support or someone to talk to.

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