Series 13 suppliers

The Hotel Inspector wishes to thank all the companies who have supplied goods and services for the show.

Episode 1: Regency Rooms

Information folders supplied by Menu Shop

Pictures & clock supplied by Graham & Brown

Coffee machine supplied by Nespresso

Check-in sign supplied by Mysignworks

Branding supplied by Underscore


Episode 3: Colliters Brook Farm

Curtains supplied by Direct Fabrics

Paint supplied by Brewers


Episode 4: Churston Court

Curtains supplied by Direct Fabrics

Paint supplied by Brewers


Episode 5: Forest Park

Lights supplied by BHS

Tables supplied by Mindy Brownes

You’re The Worst episode 7: depression

In this week’s episode of You’re The Worst Edgar’s love interest Dorothy is introduced to the other characters for the first time, Lindsay (who starts calling her “Rando”) gets jealous of their relationship, and Jimmy develops an obsession with mouse-hunting.

While all this is happening though we realise that not all is as it seems with Gretchen. As the episode develops it’s revealed that she’s started sneaking out to cry in her car in the middle of the night, and we see her becoming secretive, evasive, and getting drunk during the day. By the end of the episode it emerges that Gretchen is clinically depressed.

Depression is a mental health illness that about 1 in 10 of us will get at some point during our lives, so it’s not uncommon. Yet there are a lot of people who don’t know the facts and misinterpret what depression is completely.

Depression is not just a normal feeling of sadness, it’s a feeling of sadness and hopelessness that can last for weeks and even months, and that often makes you lose interest in things you’ve previously loved doing. It also often comes hand in hand with anxiety. Depression is NOT just a case of sad people wallowing in self-pity – it’s a real illness.

The other thing is that you can’t tell if someone has depression just by looking at them, and Gretchen is a good example of that. Although Jimmy noticed weird behaviour changes in Gretchen because he’s very close to her, she might have seemed perfectly fine to an outsider, especially since she looked like she was having fun drinking and dancing.

People cope in different ways, and they definitely don’t have to be crying all the time or even obviously sad to be depressed – most of the time you can’t tell who’s struggling behind closed doors.

The good news is that it is definitely possible to beat depression, whether through counselling or by making positive life changes. As ever, the first step is identifying the symptoms and making the decision to go and get help by visiting your GP or contacting mental health services.

Mental health conditions are the same as physical illnesses – they’re nothing to be ashamed of and are just part of being human. To find out more about different types of mental illnesses and how to seek treatment, visit MIND or Rethink. And remember: if you are suffering from depression, you are not alone.