Channel 5 is committed to making its output as accessible as possible to all its users. In order to achieve this, we have implemented a series of design and editorial guidelines, and introduced several features to improve the accessibility of our websites and apps for users with special needs and/or those using assistive devices.

These include:

Colour Schemes
All colour schemes are optimised for readability.

Scalable Text
Text size is scalable to allow users to increase or decrease font size depending on their requirements. (Note: some browsers do not support this option).

Document Structure
All of our pages follow a logical document structure to assist screen readers and other assistive technology.

Tab Indexes
All pages follow a logical tab index order to ease speed of navigation.

Alt Tags
All imagery is tagged with a title or description.


Access Services

The symbols we use are as follows:

[S]: subtitled
[AD]: audio described

What is audio description?

If you or someone you know has sight problems, it’s sometimes difficult to determine what you’re watching from the sound alone.
That’s why we have audio description. Like a narrator telling a story, audio description is an additional commentary describing body language, expressions and movements.
Audio description gives you information about the things you might not be able to see, meaning that you can keep up with the action.
It’s easy to use and available on most digital TVs.
To find out if your favourite show will have audio description, please look for the [AD] symbol on our TV listings page.

How do I turn on audio description?

To find out more about how to turn on audio description, please visit for more info.
You can also call the AD helpline number on 0303 123 9999 to find out more.

What are subtitles?

We provide subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing across a wide selection of our programming throughout the day and evening. Under Ofcom guidelines, we are obliged to do this and we’re happy to say that we always exceed our obligations in this area. We’re committed to providing quality subtitling for all of our viewers.
Subtitles are a textual representation of the audio, music and soundtrack which accompany the picture and allow viewers with hearing impairments to access the same experience as their hearing friends and family.
To find out if your favourite show will have subtitles, please look for the [S] symbol on our TV listings page.

How do I turn on subtitles?

If you are a Sky customer, you need to activate your subtitles by pressing the Help button on your remote.
If you are a Virgin Media customer, use the “turn on subtitles” function in the info menu.
For other platforms, please check your provider’s instructions.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions regarding access services or the accessibility features of this site, please contact our viewer enquiries team on 020 3580 3600 or 03457 050505 or e-mail them on