/ 15 February 2019

After the Second World War, 732 young holocaust survivors came to the UK on a two year visa in to recuperate. They were homed in hostels across the country, including in the Lake District and Glasgow. Of these young survivors, 35 of them came to Woodcote House in Ascot.

Eamonn and Ruth met longstanding Ascot residents Margaret Nutley and Irene Buldock at Ascot Racecourse, a location that had been a playground for the survivors and locals. Margaret, 85, remembers playing with the boys as a young teenager. Irene, who is in her late 70s, remembered her mother working at Woodcote House in the kitchens and how her older sister was friendly with one of the boys, Sam Diament.

Eamonn and Ruth introduced Margaret and Irene to New Yorkers Jason and Jeff Diament, who’d flown into meet Margaret and Irene. Their father, Sam Diament, had never told his sons about his time at Ascot and it was only when he’d passed away did they discover photographs documenting his stay in Berkshire.  Irene and Margaret could barely believe their eyes when the boys, Jeff and Jason, entered the room bringing back fond memories of that time.

And, as a final surprise for Margaret, Irene, Jeff and Jason, Eamonn and Ruth introduced them with all to Ivor Perl, a Holocaust survivor who’d also recuperated at Woodcote House and fondly remembered Sam and the time he’d spent in Ascot. Ivor was 13 when the Holocaust ended and remembers how he was brought to the sanctuary of the UK.

In the studio, Irene, Margaret and Ivor were reunited once again. As a final surprise them all Sam Freiman, Holocaust survivor and former Ascot Boy joined them all on stage.