/ 31 January 2019

In the studio this week, a very special couple joined Ruth and Eamonn to talk about the power of love. Beryl and Melvin had a very challenging few years, but are thankfully out the other side.

Two years ago, in 2017, Melvin collapsed by a pool whilst on holiday in Rhodes with his wife Beryl. This was the second time this had happened, as he had collapsed whilst on holiday in 2015. Thankfully, Mark Bowman, a British emergency responder rushed to his aid. Mark worked on Melvin to get his heart beating again.

Melvin was rushed to hospital, and was put on a life support team. He remained in a lifeless state when he was transferred to a clinic, and Beryl was very concerned. After 5 days of Melvin’s condition not improving, the doctors told Beryl she should take Melvin home. She was warned that the journey would be dangerous and risky.

Back in the UK, Melvin still did not improve. The prognosis was poor – the doctors said that Melvin would never recover and would be bed bound for the rest of his life. Beryl was told that Melvin was best of spending the rest of his life in a nursing home. She refused to accept this and instead called for him to be moved to a neurological rehabilitation unit so that he could get better. Beryl constantly encouraged Melvyn to push himself – tough love ensued. As a result, supported by their family and friends, Melvin has returned home to an almost normal life.

Whilst Beryl has remained in sporadic contact over the phone with Mark Bowman, Melvin never had the opportunity to say how grateful he is. In the studio, Do The Right Thing reunited Melvin with Mark, and Melvin was able to finally thank him in person for saving his life.