Can money buy you happiness? | Rich House, Poor House

/ 15 March 2017

Families from opposite ends of the wealth divide are given the chance to spend seven days in their counterparts’ shoes in a brand new Channel 5 series: Rich House, Poor House.

As they swap homes and budgets, both families get an eye-opening taster of how the other half live – and whether money really can buy happiness.

In the first episode, the Caddy family of Bristol trade places with the Williams family from Weston-super-Mare. A family of seven, the Caddys rank in the top 10% of Britain’s wealthy, and live in a seven bedroom home.

The Caddy family | Rich House, Poor House
For the eight-strong Williams family, who are among the nation’s poorest 10%, the swap means leaving their rented three-bedroom house and enjoying a weekly budget of £1,700 instead of their usual £110.

What will mum Kayleigh, dad Antony and the Williams kids make of a new lifestyle of regular meals out, piano lessons and coffee mornings? And how will the Caddys cope with the drop from seven toilets to just one?

Rich House, Poor House starts on Thursday 30th March at 9pm on Channel 5.