Cani-Cross: Find out more

/ 25 January 2016

Cani-Cross is an off-road running event where owners are attached to their dogs via a harness. The event gives dog and owner an opportunity to combine bonding with exercise.

Dogs need exercise and plenty of opportunities to walk and run, but the amount of exercise a dog needs depends on factors like their age, breed and health, so it’s important to check that your dog is fit and healthy enough to take part first.

For example, it may not be a suitable activity for certain types of dogs, e.g. brachycephalic (with short, flat faces), elderly and young dogs.

Your vet can give advice on whether your dog is fit and healthy enough to take part, and it is also recommended that you keep the first run short and build up gradually.

This type of exercise can provide both dog and owner with health and welfare benefits. These can include extra opportunities for exercise and enrichment, and for you and your dog to spend more time together.

Cani-cross can be great fun and whilst many dogs will enjoy it, not all dogs will, so it’s important that they find the activity fun and enjoyable and are not forced to be involved if they are anxious or frightened.