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/ 10 August 2016

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Some recent highlights:

LeopardWhen a farmer in India looked into the village well, he got a shock. Sixty feet down, a distressed leopard looked up at him, struggling to stay afloat. The farmer called for help and staff from an animal NGO rushed onto the scene – this is how the three-hour rescue operation ended. Watch the video here


Osborne12When former Chancellor George Osborne went on a school visit, it appeared to be an uncomfortable experience. Conversations appeared strained and, when he headed out to the playground, pupils refused to throw him the ball. Watch the video here


NZkidThese kids in New Zealand were asked to do chores for money. Look at their brilliant reactions when the boys are paid more than the girls.


Dog hospitalA cancer patient was granted her dying wish when her beloved dog Ritchie was brought to hospital for a last cuddle. Staff were reduced to tears as 49-year-old Rebane Chili – who had decided to discontinue her treatment – was reunited with her favourite pet. Watch the video here
FansA young Portugal fan did his best to cheer up this broken France supporter the Euro 2016 final – watch the video here