Cherry hand rolls

/ 18 August 2016


Cherry filling
400g cherries
65g caster sugar
Juice half a lemon
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 1/2 tbsp cornflour

350g plain flour
225g unsalted butter
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp sugar
1 tonka bean
85ml water
2 tbsp cider vinegar


  • For the filling, pit and half the cherries and add to a saucepan with the sugar, lemon juice and vanilla. Cook over medium heat until the fruit starts to break down and releases a lot of juice. Take 3 tbsp of cherry juice from the pan and mix together in a small bowl with the cornflour. Pour this paste back into the pan and and cook for a minute or so until very thick. Scrape this into a bowl and chill until needed.
  • For the pastry place the flour, sugar, salt into a food processor and pulse to combine. Grate in about 1 tonka bean and pulse once or twice. Add the diced butter and pulse until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs. Meanwhile mix the water and vinegar together. With the mixer running drizzle in the water until the pastry forms into clumps. Tip out onto the work surface and bring together into a dough. Divide into two short sausage shapes wrap in cling film and chill for an hour.
  • To assemble cut the pastry logs into discs (8 in total) and roll each slice out slightly larger than 5 inches. Use a 5 inch cookie cutter to cut into neat rounds. Place a small amount of filing in the middle of each round of pastry and fold over, using the back of a fork to seal. Use a sharp knife to poke a hole in each pie and place on a baking tray and chill for 20 mins.
  • When ready to bake brush each pie with a beaten egg and sprinkle with Demerara sugar. Bake at 190c for 25-30 mins until golden brown.