Children's Programming

Channel 5 continues to be a supportive broadcaster of British inspired animation. We broadcast 24 hours of children’s programmes every week on Channel 5. These programmes fall under Channel 5’s Milkshake! brand.

Our target audience is pre-school and just above – so the range stretches from 2 – 7 years old.

Milkshake! is on air from 6am- 9.15am every weekday and 6am – 10am on Saturday and Sunday.

We commission, co-produce and acquire pre-school programming with a wide range of different deals and arrangements.


What we are looking for

Strong, story-telling pre-school animation – preferably 3D (model/claymation/CGI) – though we recognise that some ideas work best on cell/2D. We like programmes with a real tangibility about them – a sense that you can reach in and touch the characters.

We are not looking for presenter-led formats or low-cost high-volume studio-based half hour shows.


How to submit an idea

When submitting a project, please send a short synopsis of your idea on email. If it’s an animation, this should include an indication of design, style and production method. I will then ask for any further development I need, such as storylines, sample animation etc.



We will always view showreels sent to us. If you would like to be considered for presenting on Milkshake!, you need to send us a 1-2 minute  showreel, which should include a good head shot of you talking straight to camera, and a covering letter and current CV. We are not expecting broadcast quality but the picture and sound does need to be relatively clear. On average we hold screen-tests once or twice a year depending on our demand.

Recent Commissions


Noddy Toyland Detective

Noddy is Toyland’s new detective. If there’s something lost, missing or unusual happening, Noddy and his friends are the investigating team who find out what’s going on. With the help of his Who-What-Where tablet, Noddy asks questions and uncovers clues to solve the mysteries of Toyland.


Observation documentary series looking at the UK’s young pet owners and the animals they adore. Viewers will meet puppies, rabbits and fish as well as trampolining goats, a cat that likes to play hide and seek and a hamster who enjoys sitting on his owner’s head.

Milkshake Monkey

The much loved cheeky monkey takes us on brand new adventures, making new friends along the way. Where will he visit next?

Winnie and Wilbur

Winnie is a witch: wild, unpredictable and totally lovable! Wilbur the cat is her long-suffering best friend who gets caught up in Winnie’s wonderfully wrong spells and their hair-raising consequences.

Shane the Chef

Energetic chef Shane and his young daughter Izzy run a restaurant in the town of Munchington. Every day is a recipe for adventure, whether they’re trying to break the world record for the biggest baguette, finding wild herbs in the woods or growing large vegetables for the county fair.

Dave’s Dinosaurs

Dave’s life in Bonkers-on-sea changes the day he puts his last coin into an arcade machine and six strange eggs tumble out. When they all hatch into dinosaurs, it’s Dave’s job to keep his new Jurassic friends safe – and enjoy the amazing adventures they get up to!

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