Adrian Padmore

Adrian Padmore is Commissioning Editor, Factual and Factual Entertainment at Channel 5, largely overseeing the channel’s police and luxury access series, plus ob-doc features. He is currently focused on hooking a wide 16-54, ABC1 audience in the 8 and 9 PM slots with:

  • Primarily, series of a minimum of 2-4 episodes with the potential to be returnable.
  • Programmes that cover topics that have seen success with viewers in the past, but from a new perspective.

Former commissions include Inside the Force 24/7, World’s Most Expensive Cruise Ship, Police Interceptors, 5 Mistakes That Caught a Killer and Race: My Story.

Daniel Pearl

Daniel Pearl is Commissioning Editor, Factual and Current Affairs at Channel 5.

He is looking for:

  • Escapist programming that takes viewers on an adventure.
  • Stories in areas that can be developed, similarly to the current Royal programming slate, for Saturday nights.
  • Documentaries that are not only a great watch, but also explore underlying themes.
  • Novel ideas that have never been seen on TV.

Daniel’s former commissions include Thomas Cromwell, Scenic Ireland: Coast to Coast and The Secret History of World War II.

Dan Louw

Dan Louw is VP, Commissioning Editor at Channel 5, working across Factual, Factual Entertainment and Specialist Factual. He is open to factual ideas that cover off a wide range of topics, and is specifically looking to commission in the 8 and 9 PM weekday slots, plus early prime-time slots over the weekend:

  • Contemporary history with a sociocultural angle, as well as pieces that explore
    the genre in different ways – nostalgia, historic true crime and music, for instance.
  • True crime is of interest, but pitches must provide a fresh take on the subject.
  • Access-led content that strays away from the fly-on-the-wall format.
  • A subject area that the channel can build on, in the same way that it has with its Royal Family programming.

Dan’s previous commissions include Jack The Ripper: The Hidden Victims and The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door.

Denise Seneviratne

Denise Seneviratne is Commissioning Editor, Factual and Factual Entertainment at Channel 5.

She is looking for:

  • Series that investigate different people’s worlds, lives, situations, and documentaries that celebrate people for who they are.
  • Ob docs that reveal little-known information.
  • Factual series that broach difficult subjects in a light-hearted way e.g. It’s Your Fault I’m Fat on 5STAR.
  • Daring formats and access-led docs related to well-known brands.
  • Ideas around escapism, travel, contemporary history – something that viewers can settle down to watch at the weekend.

Denise’s previous commissions include Nuremberg: Nazis on Trial, Bargain Loving Brits and The Yorkshire Vet.

Emma Westcott, Commissiong EditorEmma Westcott

Emma Westcott is Commissioning Editor, Factual and Factual Entertainment at Channel 5.

She is looking for:

  • Scalable returning series for the 8 and 9 PM slots.
  • A subject area that the channel can build on, as it has done similarly for its Royal Family programming.
  • Access series to iconic British institutions.
  • Saturday night programming that differentiates from large-scale entertainment shows, and Sunday night shows that look at real people in Britain e.g. Filthy House SOS.

Emma’s previous commissions include 1000 Years of History and Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly.

Greg Barnett, Commissioning EditorGreg Barnett

Greg Barnett is Commissioning Editor, Factual Entertainment at Channel 5. He is looking for:

  • Escapist programming that skews ABC1, such as Secret Scotland.
  • Younger-skewing returners e.g. Rich House, Poor House.
  • Factual, factual entertainment and specialist factual for the weekend slots – Royal Family Documentaries and pieces rooted in nostalgia are always a hit.
  • Young adult programmes for 5Star e.g. Sex Pod.
  • On 5 Select, pieces that grow the main channel’s most popular brands work well, like The Highland Vet.

Greg’s previous commissions include Cruising With Jane McDonald, The Yorkshire Vet and Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild.

Guy Davies

Guy Davies is Commissioning Editor (VP) Factual and Documentaries at Channel 5.

He is looking for:

  • Universally appealing popular factual that pulls large audiences and strengthens the channel’s reputation.
  • Large scale access series.
  • Refreshers for the 8 and 9 PM slots, particularly on Sunday, that speak to Channel 5’s wide audience, e.g. Rich House, Poor House.
  • Returnable primetime series for weekdays – formats, popular factual or access-led pieces like Police: Hour of Duty work well.
  • ABC1-skewing content for Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights – having talent attached is a bonus, as are pieces that shine a spotlight on underrepresented voices in Britain.
  • Hard-hitting feature-length pieces will be commissioned if the story is right.

Guy’s previous commissions include Michael Palin in North Korea, Rich House Poor House, Police: Hour Of Duty.

Kit Morey is Commissioning Editor, Factual and Factual Entertainment at Channel 5 with a primary focus on the popular factual space, which consists of returnable series and documentary formats.

Kit is looking for:

  • Real-life transformative stories with humour and warmth, giving voices to the often voiceless.
  • A returnable 9pm series that should be character-driven and lightly formatted obs-doc that can celebrate the shape of modern Britain.
  • In the 8pm slot – familiarity of characters and precincts that will make an audience tune in every week for a ‘televisual warm hug’.
  • ‘Modular programming’ commissions that work across various slots within the schedule as well as across the channel portfolio.
  • History is also of interest, as long as it’s told in a populist, accessible way

Kit’s previous commissions for Channel 5 include Ben Fogle: Make a New Life in The Country, Filthy House SOS, Ambulance: Code Red, Sally Lindsay’s: Britain’s Poshest Sleepovers, Rich Kids Skint Holiday.

Lucy Willis

Lucy Willis is Commissioning Editor, Factual at Channel 5. Lucy works across Factual, Specialist Factual and Fact Ent.

She is looking for:

  • Fresh and compelling ways of exploring familiar
    historical subjects.
  • Contemporary history that will punch through at 9pm
  • Access led, male skewing series
  • Hybrid Ob Doc and specialist factual series in the vein of the Inside the Tower of London


Lucy’s previous commissions includes Warship: Life at Sea, Battle of Britain: 3 Days to Save the Nation, Inside the Tower of London and Diana: 7 Days that Shook the Windsors.

Sebastian Cardwell

Sebastian Cardwell is the Deputy Director of Programmes at ViacomCBS Networks UK, working across the channel portfolio. In his Channel 5 capacity, he is looking for:

  • Drama, spanning two differing tones:
    • Domestic drama-thrillers covering topics and areas that viewers will instantly understand. Generally, four episodes with a single-word title that conveys the overall theme.
    • Pieces that take a softer stance such as crime stories or period programmes. Feature-length detective shows are welcomed.
  • Feature-length Christmas/seasonal dramas e.g. Agatha and the Curse of Ishtar.
  • A wide variety of programming for 5Star – heart-warming shows to grittier police and true crime pieces. 5Select airs ABC1-skewing access-led shows, history, nature etc, usually with talent attached. Both 5Star and 5Select’s slates must complement that of the main channel.

Sebastian’s previous commissions for Channel 5 include The Deceived and A&E After Dark.