Do's and don'ts for a first date to remember

/ 6 April 2016

We’ve all got an idea of our perfect date partner, whether you want yours dressed up to the nines in eight inch heels or giving off a cooler vibe in a beanie and trainers, there are a few universal rules to help ensure the first date isn’t the last.

Do Play it cool

Channel your inner Jay-Z or TayTay and paper over those pre-date nerves. A touch of apprehension is understandable, but a date with a quivering bag of jelly is never going to blossom into a second date.

Don’t be too keen

In the 21st Century all singletons are commitaphobes, and you don’t want to be the odd one out on your date. The list of conversation topics to avoid is as long as your arm, but steer well clear of marriage plans and baby names for a start.

Do make an effort

Naturally, you will want to impress, so aim for a smart-casual air of cool with your appearance. Freshly washed and pressed garments will help and a positive mental attitude can go a long way.

Don’t go OTT

‘Peacocking’, the art of being a massive show-off, is to be avoided. Also see: going overboard on the smelly stuff, dressing like you’re attending a black tie gala, any form of fancy dress, tattooing your date’s name/face on your body.

Do be polite

Remember your Ps and Qs, and while you’re at it drop the Fs. Nobody wants their first date tainted by a Gordon Ramsay-style diatribe. As the entirely fictitious statement goes: ‘date unto others as you would have them date to you’. If you have to check Tinder, make sure you keep it on the down-low.

Don’t be creepy

Avoid intense eye-contact, and be sure not to bring up anything you’ve learnt about your date through extreme Facebook stalking – it’s not a good look. Remember that a date isn’t a contract and respect their decision if they want to make a swift getaway.

Do plan your escape route

If the first date is a disaster, get yourself out of there. Think up a few watertight excuses (sick pets, work emergency, arson) and memorise your nearest exits. Don’t forget to pay on the way out.

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