Thank yous

/ 24 September 2016

A big thank you to the companies who have contributed items for the show.


Saturday 24th September
If you would like more information about the kitchen gadgets reviewed by Rhik Samadder on The Saturday Show on the 24th September please see product details below.


Electric Spiraliser (Morphy Richards, £39.99 – £49.99 depending on retailers)

Nut Milk Maker (Hopps & Woolf, £72.99)

Macaron Kit (Lekue, £22.00)

Wine Access System (Coravin, £199.00)

‘Scizza’ Pizza Cutter (DreamFarm, £17.95)

Toast ‘n’ Egg ‘n’ Beans Maker (Tefal, £29.99)

Self-heating Butter Knife (THAT! Inventions £19.99)


Saturday 18th June

Picnic hampers:

VonShef Four Person Picnic Backpack – £27.99


Anorak Kissing Hedgehogs Picnic Rucksack – £65


The Galloway- £399.00


Other items:

Picnic blanket – £8.99


Orla Kieley picnic blanket – £25


Charles Bentley Double Folding Camping Chair – £24.99


EuroHike Inflatable Chair and Footstool: £30.00


True Picnic Stix Wine Glass and Bottle Holder – £16.99


Picnic Bench Condiment Set – £11.99


Picnic Pants – Home made. Originals from Italian experimental design company, Acquacalda.


Face Straws – £4.99


TEEPEE – £149.99


Weatherproof blanket – £49.99


Bothy Bag – £35.00


Umbrella Shelter – £22.99


Wellies – £40.00


Cairn O’Mohr Scottish Fruit Wine


Saturday 4th June

Thank you for the following suppliers for lending us their great gadgets:

Samsung KS7500 Curved TV


Football Pinata

Bush 50 Inch 4K Ultra HD LED TV

Football Bean Bag


Sonos Playbar


Cardboard Home Cinema


Red 5

Screen Magnifier

Subbuteo Bottle Opener


BraZen Spirit 2.1 Bluetooth Gaming Chair


Inflatable Ice Bucket


Football Popcorn Maker


Kickmaster Pop Up Goal


Mr Entertainment Partybox


Saturday 28th May

Camping essentials:

Heimplanet Fistral Tent – Surfdome


Camping without the fuss. Simple roll out and inflate. It comes with pegs, repair kit, guy lines, pack sack and pump adapter. A one pump system inflates the frame and then you secure the inner tent. It’s so easy to use.


Outdoor Sports Lantern – VARTA

This lantern is great for venturing into the great outdoors. It is water resistant and has a 16m beam range. It comes with 3 D batteries which can last up to 130 hours. It has two hooks for hands free use so the days of fumbling around with a torch in the dark are over.


Bottle Top Light – Glo


No need for fancy tech, this gadget is sweet and simple. All you need to make it work is a bottle of your favourite soft drink. Simple screw on the Bottle top light on top of the bottle and away you go. It has a handy clip so you can attach it to the roof of your tent for a cheap way to light your camping nights.


Scrubba Washbag – Scrubba


This is marketed as the world’s smallest washing machine. Its portable and convenient for those who want to keep their smalls clean on the go. Stick your clothes in the Scrubba with a bit of detergent and water and make a rolling motion on the bag. Then rinse your clothes. It’s twice as effective as a hand wash. It also doubles as a dry-bag.


Cooking around the camp fire:

Flameless Cookwear – Trekmates

£25.00 (reduced price)

This is convenience cooking with a high tech twist. With the flameless cook box there is no need for a camp fire. Great if you are at the mercy of the great British weather you can have a warm meal from the comfort of your own tent. A water activated heat pack heats your food in no time at all.


ONJA Stove – Primus


The ONJA is a compact two burner stove. It folds away neatly and has a handy strap making it portable and convenient. It can take a 100 g, 230 g or 450g gas canisters. It can fit most gas canisters with a valve on the market.


BioLite Camp Stove – BioLite


This award winning product is all the fun of a traditional campfire with a modern techy twist. Load up the burner with your firewood and kindling and light it like as you would a normal campfire. The heat from the fire powers the orange pack attached to create electricity. This can be used to charge your mobile device from its 2 USB ports.


Helinox Ultrlight Camp Table

Lightweight and convenient for your camping dining needs. It weights as much as two cups of tea and folds up to the size of an umbrella. It also has two integrated cup holders.

Happy glamping and luxury:

Inflatable sofa –  Aldi


This inflatable sofa is a cheap way to achieve campsite luxury. Just inflate and prepare to relax in the great outdoors. It’s large enough to double as a bed. Just don’t forget your electric pump.


Hammock with stand – Aldi


Whilst waiting for the BBQ to fire up, hang out in this Hammock with Stand. It’s easy to assemble with a 3-piece steel frame and includes an integrated drinks holder, removable pillow, magazine holder and carry bag. Hammocks are all the rage in the camping world at the moment and this will keep you on trend on a budget.


Solar Powered Camping Phone Charger and Speakers – Bentley


This is a great bit of tech for happy campers. A phone charger and a portable speaker in one. It has a solar panel and a rechargeable lithium battery. It also has a inner storage panel put keep your devise in for easy portability. It has a 5.5V output and 2 built in speakers.


Sound Asleep Original Speaker Pillow – Sleepy People


Made with a luxurious hollowfibre lining. No headphones required – The speaker is built into the pillow. Plug in your device and let your favourite sounds gently slip you into slumber.

Uber glamping item:

Camp champ – Camp Champ


Be the envy of the campsite with the ultimate in glamping. This is literally everything but the kitchen sink in a box. It includes a gas cooker with high-performance burners, four ready-to-go cooking surfaces, generous working space and plenty of room for pots, pans, and all your cooking utensils – all at a size of just 660 x 540 x 570 mm when closed. What more could you want? A kitchen sink perhaps?


Kids stuff:

Starwalker Sleeping bags – Vango


These put the fun back into camping. These sleeping bags are in the novelty styles of a T-rex and Panda. The bottoms zip off so you can walk around but still stay cozy.


Limbo Hop – Smyths


This is a bit like the swing-ball for the new generation of children. Its quick and easy to assemble. A limbo stick swings around a pole as players must limbo or hop over it as it swings.

Other providers:
Solar Panel – Lidl




Emergency Fire Starter – Zippo



Mos Down Slippers – Nordisk


These are like a sleeping bag for your feet. Filled with soft duck down to keep your tootsies snuggly in the chilly nights round a camp fire.


Unbreakable portable charger


Orla tent


Saturday 21st May

Thank you to the RSPB for supplying us with footage and items for our bird feature:

For more information on the products in our bird item visit:

Thank you to Urban Smoothie for their smoothie bike featured on the show:

For more information about Mind please visit:

Saturday 14th May

Thank you to the following providers:

Saturday 30th April

Thanks to B&Q for the barbecue that was supplied for the show. You can purchase it here.

Thank you to Mark Hunter for teaching our guests to drum. Find out more about Mark and his teaching.


Saturday 27th February

Gear VR headsets:

Ride One Wheel:

Logic RC Cars:


Thank you to Missie Franks from Rebounce London

Saturday 20th February

Thank you to The Gym Group for lending a hand with our running item.