/ 15 February 2019

Ruth meets volunteers from Free Cakes for Kids, a movement of local volunteers and community groups, who share a simple belief: every child deserves a birthday cake. With nearly 60 groups across the country, they have baked for thousands of families who’ve found it difficult to provide a birthday cake for their child.

Ruth rolled up her sleeves and got baking with Isla, Katie and Catalina from The Hackney branch of Free Cakes for Kids. Their extra special cake was a dinosaur cake for a local 2-year-old birthday girl in the Hackney area.  As Ruth beat the butter and frosted the icing she found out how the movement matched local amateur bakers with families in need referred by partner organisations such as the Young Carers, the local Food Bank, or Children’s Centres.

If you would like to get involved in baking a cake or wish to nominate a child for a Free Cakes For Kids Cake, then do visit their website on: