Hotel Death Trap Week

/ 15 March 2016

Neighbours’ favourite Leisure Complex becomes Hotel from Hell in a week-long special on Channel 5 at 10pm on Monday 4thApril

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Coming next month to Channel 5, a UK exclusive 10pm episode of Neighbours, as part of ‘Hotel Death Trap’ week. The week promises five days of gripping and unmissable drama, when viewers will see the demise of a much-loved Ramsay St regular. In one of the soap’s most emotional and moving death scenes since Harold lost his beloved Madge, Neighbours fans – no strangers to the odd natural or man-made disaster – will be left reeling for months to come when a massive explosion at the Lassiter’s complex threatens the lives of their favourite characters in a week-long special that begins on Channel 5 on Monday 4th April.

Producers of the Channel 5 hit show have warned viewers that at least two regular cast members will be checking-out for good by the end of the week, with a number of cliff hangers to keep them guessing as to whose lives are in jeopardy. The cast departures will be counterbalanced with the arrival of two surprise returns to the show, as well as the unveiling of two mysterious strangers, at least one of whom will provide an on-going storyline for many weeks to come. And, of course, with a number of red herrings seeded along the way, the show will keep viewers guessing on the culprit behind the explosion for the next few months, in the ultimate game of whodunnit.

The action kicks off on Channel 5 on Monday 4th April with a gripping hour-long 10pm special, which sees Erinsborough’s renowned leisure complex a hive of activity. Unaware that someone is up to no good in the hotel’s boiler room, the residents go about their daily business with secret rendez-vous, surprise encounters and the arrival of not one, but two, mystery men. As the boiler room explodes, Lassiters suddenly becomes the hotel from Hell, as residents and guests are buried and trapped beneath the former hotel building. Over the course of the week each episode is set in a different room, and plays out the fate of a separate set of characters. And by the end of the week, the lives of some of the Ramsay Street Neighbours will be irrevocably changed.


Neighbours airs Monday-Friday on Channel 5 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm


UK Exclusive episode airs at 10pm on 4th April