/ 15 February 2019

Esther took a city walking tour with the amazing initiative called Invisible Cities. It’s a social enterprise which runs tours lead by former homeless people in the cities where they once slept rough.

Esther headed to Manchester to meet with Danny, a former soldier and rough sleeper turned poet tour-guide, to hear how the enterprise has turned his life around. Danny, like all their initiatives tour guides, has been trained in public speaking and customer service. The enterprise also works hard to improve each of their guides confidence, which many have lost. Invisible Cities believe by empowering people who have spent time literally being stepped over on the streets to have their voices heard by a paying group, you can tackle stereotypes and change lives.

To find out more about Invisible Cities, and their tours in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester and York head to their website:

To connect a rough sleeper to support and outreach services in their local area, visit StreetLink: